Aguila Perez





Dark brown




Military solider


Jaime Carbon (Best friend)
Ofelia Zuniga (Former girlfriend)
Jorge Mendoza (Superior)
Private Suares (Comrade)




Iguala, Guerrero


Military weapons


David Chocarro

First Seen

"Where Did The World Go?"


Mauled by infected, shot himself in the head to prevent reanimation.

Time On Story

Issue 1 - present

Wild World

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Aguila Perez is a character in Wild World.


Aguila had always been large and strong, even as a kid. He'd often play the hero by coming to the aid of those who found themselves targeted by bullies. A hero is what he was labelled and hero he felt himself to be. Such an admirable trait of heroics gave Aguila the respect and company of his peers, growing up with no shortage of friends.

Unfortunately, Aguila's grades left much to be desired and it is due to this that he fancied sports to lighten the blow, choosing basketball as his forte. An amicable giant is what he was labelled as by most he met.


Aguila's sense of justice eventually led him to pursue his interest in the military, wanting to actively fight for his country and combat the evils running amok in it. Despite being Iguala, Guerrero, Aguila had been living in Acapulco prior to his drafting.

His military career proved to leave much to be desired, as while he did meet many men of integrity, Aguila got to witness the corruption that battered the military's corruption first hand. Persevering, he eventually bonded with a fellow soldier name Jaime, and together these men would go on to truly do the deed of justice under the lead of an honest man by the name of Jorge Mendoza, who served as their sergeant.


It is know that much of the military body of Acapulco has opted to abandon their posts. Aguila, Jaime, and Mendoza are some of the few that remain who actively help the thunderstruck city of Acapulco.

Volume 1Edit

Aguila was set to debut in issue 1 all along mwahahahahaha


Aguila, as stated earlier, is a man with a large body and a large heart to accompany it. Often laid back and cracking jokes, Aguila can be seen as lazy and less-focused. This however, does not interfere with his effectiveness as a soldier, considered one of Mendoza's best. Even if he is not as bright as others might want him to be, Aguila has a quick mind that will lead to always act in the name of justice.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Possible counts of people
  • Numerous counts of infected


Volume One appearances
Where Did The World Go? The Quintessence of Life Ghost of Present's Future Wild World The Day Anna Died Aerials
???  ??? ??? ???  ???  ???
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  • Aguila is one of the few A Long Road to Fortune characters to appear in Wild World.
  • KPimp blessed Aguila in the form of GIF.
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