Fortune Done - Issue 1 of Ahead of The Dead - Issue 31 of Beyond The DeadEdit

Prince had awoken from his master bed. He looks next to him, to see his beautiful girlfriend lying next to him. He sits up from his bed, and set his feet on the cold hardwood floor. Prince proceeds to the large window. He opens the blinds, revealing the city of Los Angeles.

Prince: Something just doesn’t seem right. Prince mumbles to himself.

Prince looks behind him to see his girlfriend still sleeping. He notices she doesn’t have a blanket on. He takes a glance towards her panties that read “Bye”, and quickly makes his way back to his bed. He grabs the blanket, and sets it on top of his girlfriend.

He looks around for the TV remote hoping to find it. He then sees it in front of his girlfriend and reaches his arm around her to reach for the remote, until he is quickly caught off guard by his girlfriend.

Kendall: You having a little too much fun there? She lets a high pitch giggle.

Prince: Maybe I am, or maybe I’m getting the remote. He smiles, and gives her a kiss on the cheek.

Kendall: Oh whatever, aren’t you just the charmer! She lies back down, and attempts to go back to sleep.

Prince turns on the Flat screen TV. He flips through multiple channels until his attention gets caught on to the news. On the news is a woman, who is reporting crimes all around her. In the background a men can be seen getting eaten alive, until the biter is put out. The women explains the infection, and attempts of saving people.

Prince: Babe wakes up. Prince nudges her, but she doesn’t move but instead moans.

Prince attempts a second time, except this time he pinches her booty. This immediately catches her attentions. She sits up, from the bed and puts her glasses on.

Kendall: What is it?

Prince: Babe look on the TV. The two watch the TV, as the news anchor explains not to go outside at all. She later explains that Washington D.C. is still safe.

Prince: Manson! Prince yells once, but the butler doesn’t come.

Kendall: You think he is okay?

Prince: It’s been two days, he shouldn’t be that sick anymore if he has been taking his medication. Prince gets out of his side of his bed and makes his way towards the door.

Prince: Manson! There’s no response, until he hears footsteps come up the stairs.

Prince: Manson! Where were you men? Manson doesn’t respond but instead groans.

Prince: You okay?

Kendall: Prince gets away from him! He looks like one of those monsters! Prince begins backing away slowly, as Manson attempts to swing at him.

Prince: Get my gun out of my desk!

Kendall: Quickly reaches in the desk, and tosses the black pistol towards Prince.

Prince fires off one bullet leaving a dead zombified Manson lying on the ground. Kendall put her both of her hands over her mouth, and a surprise of shock.

Prince: I don’t know what the fuck is going on. He comes back on top of the bed and takes a seat on the bed, despite the dead body on their floor.

Kendall: I don’t this to be a permanent thing. She puts head against Prince’s arm, and multiple tears begin to fall from her red eyes.

Prince: It be alright, get some sleep while you can. He begins comforting her, by rubbing her arm. He kisses her forehead until she lies down to go back to sleep.


Prince reaches for his telephone in his back pocket. He carries the phone, towards the slide in door of the expensive condo. He takes a seat on his wooden lawn chair, and dials a number. He waits a few seconds, until the phone is finally answered.

Fabian: Yo, hold up, let me put you on Bluetooth. Fabian turns his blue tooth on, and continues to play his video game.

DeWayne: Who’s that?

Fabian: Your brother.

DeWayne: Oh, alright then.

Fabian: Yo, have you been hearing about what’s going on?

Prince: Yea, Kendall isn’t handling it very well.

Fabian: Damn, what happened? Are y’all okay? Fabian pauses the game, and signals DeWayne to hold on.

Prince: You remember when Manson got bitten the other day?

Fabian: Yea, don’t tell me he infected?

Prince: Well he’s actually was infected, and now he’s dead.

Fabian: Damn, you put him down?

Prince: Yea, kind of traumatize right now, to be honest.

Fabian: Well hopefully the governments get their shit together and fix all this.

Prince: Yea, hey I called up my agent to book me a private flight to head to D.C., they said it’s still safe.

Fabian: What this is a whole wide nation thing now?

Prince: I guess so, you and DeWayne coming thoe?

Fabian: Yea, where we supposed to go?

Prince: It be alright, you don't have to worry about driving, I just come by and pick you guys up.

Fabian: Alright, well y’all keep it easy

Prince: For sure, y’all keep it easy to, and make sure you pack any valuable items; I don’t know how long this supposed to last.

Fabian: Alright then, catch you later. He un-pauses the game

Prince: Babe, you got everything packed?

Kendall: Yea, do you?

Prince: Yea, oh yeah I forgot to tell you we got to pick up Fabian and DeWayne.

Kendall: Oh okay, well lets go. She proceeds towards him and gives a kiss on lips.

The couple walks towards their room leading out to the main lobby of the condo

Fan: Oh my gosh! Prince Bless! Can I have your autograph?

Prince: Sure! Prince gets his pan from his expensive coat, and writes down his signature on the younger girl’s sheet of paper. He and Kendall proceed to the front doors until they are stopped by the girl’s voice.

Fan: Y’all guys shouldn’t be going out there!

Prince: It will be alright, thanks for your concern thoe.

Prince and Kendall finally reach the parking lot. The two hops proceed to Prince’s Escalade, eventually getting in.

DeWayne: Hurry up Fabian, I can see Prince’s car outside.

Fabian: Alright, calm down, I’m here.

DeWayne: Damn, how much stuff you packed? The whole apartment?

Fabian: Ha-ha, how funny let’s go.

The two men enter the outside of their apartment and hurry over towards the Escalade before anyone would realize it was Prince’s.

DeWayne: Woo, good thing for your tinted windows man.

Fabian: What up Prince, and hello once again Kendall.

Kendall: Why you got to sound like a creep when you say my name?

Fabian: Do I really sound like a creep?

Kendall: Nah, I’m just kidding.

DeWayne: Bro, let’s get moving, there’s a lot bum lookin niggas outside.

Prince: Oh do I love your personality! Alright let’s go! 

DeWanye: And I love having a rich ass brother! They both laugh as Prince's begins the car, and begins to speed causing the attention of many biters.

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