No Fuel - Issue 2 of Ahead of The Dead - Issue 32 of Beyond The DeadEdit

Prince sat in jet along with Kendall, DeWayne and Fabian. DeWayne and Fabian we’re on the opposite side of the jet talking to the pilot. Prince was sitting next to Kendall, as they watched the large black flat screen TV.

On the screen the woman was still standing patiently. In the back ground, were a bunch of angry folks yelling and screaming towards the camera. Multiple police man begins to push back the angry folks, as the news reporter begins to speak.

News Reporter: Don’t leave your homes! Scientist is still trying to find how this outbreak occurred. Don’t interact with anyone who comes to your door, or looks very ill with pale skins. If you’re bitten then you have been infected. Once infected you’re then turned into these things we call “Biters”!

Prince: Damn, this shit pretty serious, isn’t it.

Kendall: I have to call my parent’s about this babe.

Prince: Alright, make sure they okay!

Kendall proceeds to pull out her phone, and walks towards the bed room and slowly shuts the door.


DeWayne: How you be flying this thing back in force for like 5 times a day?!

Pilot: Practice, that’s all.

Fabian: I bet chicks dig you man. You’ll probably be like “Hey let’s go to Italy for our date”.

Pilot: Yea, I wish it was that easy! The three men begin to share a laugh.

Pilot: Alright, you guys got to sit back in some seat belts so you don’t go flying when I begin to start this girl.

The pilot starts the jet, and begins to pull up closely. Kendall and Prince are in their bedroom comforting each other. DeWayne and Fabian are enjoying the feel of flying up.


Prince: So what happened?

Kendall: I don’t know, I called my Mom, Dad, and my Sister, but no one answered.

Prince: I’m sure they’re okay.

Kendall: I would hope so.

Prince: As long I have you, I’ll be okay.

Kendall: Oh, you’re so cheesy!

Prince: Ha-ha, whatever! Want to watch any movies?

Kendall: Sure, what do you have?

Prince: Don’t hate me, but there are only my movies!

Kendall: It’s cool; we can watch you in Karate Kid!

Prince: Oh gosh! You would pick that one would you?!

Kendall: I like it thoe, I just don’t see why you don’t like it! You look so adorable in it!

Prince: Whatever, maybe we can make a Karate Kid Sequel, with just me and you later!

Kendall: What you tryna say? She smiles, and as her left brow lifts up in curiosity.

Prince: How about I play as the piece of wood, and you the Karate Kid? Then you can smash the wood!

Kendall: Ha-ha you really tryna get some aren’t you?

Prince: Babe, you know I’m just playing with you!

Kendall: I know, but who said I wasn’t in to it?

Prince: Ha-ha! Prince quickly puts his hands on her thighs and begins to kiss her lips.


Fabian: How do y’all guys think the diseases begin?

Pilot: That thing? Don’t worry about that!

DeWayne: Come on, people getting their faces bitten off and shit!

Pilot: The government will find out what it is, and find a cure like they always do.

Fabian: That’s the problem we don’t know how it even started!

Pilot: What, are you trying to say this is gonna be another “Black Death Sequence”?

Fabian: Yea, I mean if this doesn’t get fixed just imagines how things will be from a week, then a year, then 3 years.

Pilot: That’s why we wait then. Somewhere protected and secured!

DeWayne: True that!

Fabian: I’m just saying guys; we should honestly be taking this much more serious!

Pilot: Relax kid! You’re still young, you shouldn’t be thinking about this!

Fabian: Shouldn’t? That’s exactly what I’m talking about! Theirs people getting their faces and their manhood taken away!

Pilot: As long as it don’t happen to me man, then I’m good!

DeWayne: Manhood?! That’s a little too far now man…

Fabian: That’s what I’m saying, so while you guys sit here and talk about how good y’all guys lives are, I’m going to be enjoying doing all the normal stuff I can.

Pilot: Yup, whatever kid… I got to focus on this plane… The pilot looks down at the fuel to notice it’s very low.

Pilot: Shit, the fuel’s low! Go let everyone know… We’re going to have to stop in Kansas.

DeWayne: Kansas! Man, no rednecks better not be trying to eat some chocolate tonight…

Fabian: Ha-ha, whatever let’s go.


Fabian knocks on the wooden white door and waits, until they hear the doorknob turn.

Fabian: Yo, I got some bad news man.

Prince: What is it this time?

Fabian: Well the fuel is getting real low, and we are going to half to stop at Kansas…

Prince: Fuck, how are you going to be a “Professional Pilot” and not even have the plane full of fuel!

Fabian: I don’t know, I don’t even like the dude.

Prince: That’s why you my homie man! By the way, did you say Kansas?

Fabian: Yea… Wait, oh no…

Prince: Yea, let’s pay a visit to Papa Mario!!!

Fabian: Hmm… I really like his movie Hobo with a Shotgun

Prince: Exactly! I mean, this man makes the greatest tacos in the world!

DeWayne: Tacos? Did somebody mention tacos?! A big smile glows on his face.

Prince: Yes! Maybe it isn’t quite bad too visit the night or something.

Kendall: A night? Where?

Prince: Oh we’re going to stop at Kansas, and see an old friend of mine!

Kendall: Oh okay! What’s wrong thoe?

Prince: I don’t know, they stupid pilot didn’t even fill the fuel tank up.

Kendall: Oh, alright! Well I’m going to go back to sleep; wake me up once we’re there!

Prince: Yes mam! The two exchanged a kiss.

Prince: Alright, y’all go off now, I’m going to hit this man up, too pick us up at the airport. Fabian and DeWayne proceed to the other room. Prince dials up a number beginning with 931.

Prince: Yo what up Mario!!!

Mario: Aye, how it do man!

Prince: Been great! Aye, later on today we’re supposed be stopping by the airport near your home, and I was wondering if it would be cool for a few of us to come and hang out!

Mario: Yea man! Of course, what time thoe?

Prince checks his golden watch that reads “6:30”

Prince: 7:30 should be fine!

Mario: Alright man! We are going to have fun! Cook some tacos, drink beer, and some sing karaoke!

Prince: Yea of course! Alright well I see you later!

Mario: Alright amigo!


Pilot: Alright everyone, we’re in Kansas. The pilot sets down the microphone, and takes off his black seat belt wrapper around his large stomach. He proceeds to get up and opens the door to greet the others as he opens the front door.

Prince: Babe, wake up! We’re here.

Kendall: Oh! Thanks, are we still going to your friend’s house? Kendall asks as she puts on her pink Nike sandals.

Prince: Well let’s go tell the pilot Wright he can take a break while we are off.


Prince: Aye Wright, you can go ahead and take a break, we’re just going to head over to a friend’s house.

Wright: Oh alright! How long exactly?

Prince: Just for the night. Alright well don’t go drinking too much now!

Wright: Ha-ha, alright then man, y’all have fun, and stay safe! Any specific time to be back?

Prince: I’ll just give you a call whenever we’re ready!

Wright: Alright then! Thanks boss!

Prince: Yep, no problem.

Wright: Oh yea, catch! It’s the keys to the cart over there!

Prince: Alright, thanks! Prince catches the keys easily.


Prince Kendall, and Fabian, DeWayne with the bags begin to walk through the large field of concrete with multiple yellow lines. They continued walking until they got to the cart. Prince hopped in the front seat, while Kendall sat next to him. On the back sat Fabian behind Prince, while DeWayne sat next to Fabian behind Kendall, with the bags of luggage on the lap, and in between them.

Princes started the engine, and begin to drive the small cart towards the entrance of the large grey & blue building. Prince parked the cart in an area under shade, and the four of them made their way towards the Automatic sensing doors. In front of them were Mario and his wife waiting for them.

Mario: Aye! Prince what’s up! The two shake hands, and had large smiles on their faces.

Prince: Nothing much man! This is my lovely girl Kendall!

Mario: Nice to meet you mujer bella! Mario proceeds to grab her hand and shake it generously with both of his hands.

Prince: Over here, this is my brother DeWayne and my long time best friend Fabian! Mario proceeds to shake both of their hands.

Mario: Nice to meet all of you guys! Well over here is my wonderful wife of 22 years! Lalli!

Prince: Nice to meet you as well! Wow 20 years?!

Mario: Yea! Been with here since we were both 16!  Got married at 20, and she still got an amazing body!

Lalli: Oh whatever!

Prince: Ha-ha, well let’s get going before it gets too dark!

Mario: Of course! Let me help you out with one of your bags!

Fabian gives a blue large bag to Mario.

Mario: Oh come on, I can carry another one; y’all two are too young to be holding that much stuff! You’re going to hurt your backs!

DeWayne gives Mario a red large bag, and they all proceed to the front doors of the airport.


Fabian: What’s up with older people not wanting us young people to get hurt?

DeWayne: I don’t know, old people man!

Prince: It’s alright guys, he’s just very kind-hearted! That’s all!

Fabian: Ha-ha I know, but do I look like I’m 16 or something?

Prince: You actually kind of do man!

Fabian: I don’t know if I should be worried, or happy.

Prince: Why is that?

Fabian: Girl’s might think I’m just “cute”

Prince: Ha-ha, what’s wrong with that?

Fabian: Man no girl want’s to fuck a teddy bear.

Prince: Trust me, I seen some crazy videos…

Fabian: Prince that’s inappropriate.

Prince: I know… There is a quick pause, until the three guys burst out laughing, while Mario grinds.

Kendall: What is so funny guy?

Prince: Nothing, nothing at all babe…

Mario: Hunny want a teddy bear?

Lalli: A teddy bear?

Mario: Yea! Let me just be sweet to you for once!

Lalli: Alright then! Lalli gives Mario a kiss, while Fabian, Prince, and DeWayne all laugh.

Mario walks through the isle, until he spots a unicorn with a plastic horn. He walks up to the counter and pulls out his black wallet. He gives the women a 10$ bill, and gets a dollar back. He carries the stuffed unicorn and gives it to Lalli.

Mario: Alright, here now you have your own horse you can ride on.

Lalli: This is way too little! You’re loco! Lalli gives him another kiss, despite her calling him loco.


Prince sits down at a table and watches CNN on the news. Anderson Cooper is on the news, speaking about the disease.

Anderson Cooper: We still haven’t gotten any word about what is going on. Scientist has been working on patients who have been bitten. Few have turned, and scientists have been forced to lock and strap patients into chairs just in case.

Fabian: Damn, this don’t look good, let’s start heading to Mario’s house.

Prince: Yea, let’s get going.

Fabian: Yea, the others are at the car waiting for us.

Prince: Alright then.

Prince and Fabian proceed through the empty halls of the airport. They reach two double headed doors filled with people.

Fabian: A lot of people out there man… You might want to put on something.

Prince: shit, I don’t have anything at all. Prince checks his laptop bag that was originally on his back.

Fabian: It’s alright, I got this. Fabian opens the bag, revealing a scarf, black Oakley sun glasses, and a Kansas City Royals snapback hat.

Prince: Thanks Fab! You’re a life saver. Prince only takes a minute putting on the new cloths.

Prince: Alright let’s go! Prince and Fabian open up the double doors, and proceed through the crowd.


Everyone walks by them at first, but few people nod their heads towards them. The two men continue to walk through the crowd of people. Some people look paler then other, while some people just have bandages on. The two men make it to the front door until they are stopped by a girl plead for them to wait.

Fan: Wait! Prince and Fabian turn their heads towards her.

Fan: Are you Prince Bliss and Fabian Blue! The girl says with a big grind on her face.

Prince: Look keeps it down if you want an autograph; I’m real busy and got places to go.

Fabian: You actually know who I am! A big smile glows on Fabian’s face.

Fan: Yea! You’re such a wonderful piano player! I mean your performance on Adele’s Someone Like You! The teen girl holds up a piece of paper and holds a pen. Fabian grabs it first and signs his signature, Prince follows the same procedure. Before they go, the girl hands Fabian a note.

Fabian: Thanks once again!

Prince: Alright let’s go!

Fabian: Oh shit, she left her address on this note! You think she wants the D?

Prince: Ha-ha, whatever man! I bet you think you’re all that now that someone actually recognized you!

Fabian: Yea, I don’t know why you don’t love this all the time!

Prince: Gets annoying… People always wanting my signature when I’m using the bathroom! Or when Kendall and I are trying to go on a date.

Fabian: Shoot, when you’re trying to use the bathroom?

Prince: Yea, there are some weird bastards… One nigga wanted me to piss on his fucking napkin! Like what the fuck?!

Fabian: Ha-ha! Man that sounds funny as fuck!

Prince: Too you it is, too me that’s fucked up… It like just wait when I’m done getting rid of all my fuel.

Fabian: Piss? Is that what you’re referring to?

Prince: Yep!

Fabian: Ha-ha, weirdo.

Prince and Fabian make their way through the parking lot until they finally see Mario talking with DeWayne and Kendall.


Mario: I’m telling you, we gone be having a p-a-r-t-y! PARTY! We gonna be making tacos! Smores! And many other things!

Lalli: I tell you this… You guys aren’t going to be drinking that much.

Mario: She doesn’t know what she is talking about… She got at least 5 cases of Wine coolers in there for party’s and stuff!

Kendall: Eww what’s up with that man down there!

Mario: Eww, looks like one of those biting things! Oh Fabian! Prince! Hurry up, and get moving, I’m ready to go!

Prince: Alright, yea it not that safe too be out here.

The crew hops inside the seven seated car, and quickly leaves the parking lot.

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