Ajay Malik is a character in Beyond The Dead 

Ajay Malik
Actor Zain
Status Alive
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Occupation College Student
Ethnicity Indian
First Seen Issue 1
Other Information

" Stop now! You’re not going out there alone! You’re just going to get killed!"

- Ajay comfronting Titus not to go attack alone.


He came to the States from India when he was only five years old. He is a student at The University of Vanderbilt, and his roomates are Lionell Irvin and Paxtan Irvin


He seems to disagree with a lot of stuff, but is probaly the most smartest person in the group. Ajay isn't seen much at all during Arc 1. He does give the idea of going to Ft. Campbell, but that plan felled.

Ajay travled with Walter, Paxtan, and Bradley on a supply run. The four man then encountered Niles, who held Paxtan and Ajay at gun point. Ajay fled with Nile's children and the three other man.

Ajay attempted to save Joey, but he had no chance. He explain to Titus his father was dead, and it would be a dumb decision to go alone.

Ajay is apart of the assault group. Ajay helps by keeping the biters out of the way along wiht John and Mark. He is later seen at the mansion celebrating.

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