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This article is about a character from Beyond The Dead. For other Alfred's, see the Disambiguation page.
Alfred Bujnowski
Actor Macklemore
Status Alive
Age 27
Gender Male
Occupation Car Wash Sign Twirler

Amateur Rapper

Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Relations Elena (Girl-Friend)

Lionell (Best-Friend) Carly (Friends With Benefits)

First Seen Issue 13
Other Information
 Alfred Bujonowski is a character in Beyond The Dead


Python grew up in a poor household with a single mother. He aspired to be a rapper for most of his life, and through his teenage years dedicated most of his time to songwriting and competing in battles at school. For his age, he was exceptional, which only made him more confident that his dream to be rich and famous would come true.

However, that was not the case. When his mother passed when he was 18, Python discarded his dream as stupid and instead went on to find "normal" jobs. Still, somewhere deep inside he knew this was what he was meant to do, and at 24 he chased after a possible career as a rapper once more. He tried time and again, but he never got recognition. When the apocalypse hit three years later, he was twirling signs in front of a bogus car wash and lived in a crappy one room apartment.


In Issue 13, Alfred is revealed with Drew. The two then comfront Colin, and get the truth about what actually happened at the mansion. Later on that same day, Colin song a song for a girl named Carley. Alfred later on recruits a new member, which is Nick. Alfred is later seen with Carly, as they form a "Friends With Benefits Relationship".

Alfred is seen with Teague and Jarvis, the 3 man chat, until caugh off guard by a high pitch voice. Alfred rushes down to save her, and she calls him "Her knight in shining armor" She later kisses him on the cheek.

Alfred then has second thoughts, and breaks his relationship off with Carly. Alfred is apart of the group with the Lionell/Drew meet up. He and Landan are impressed with Greta shooting skills, and continue on. He then takes a big part int he assualt group. He helps takes Colin out, and is quickly releived. He is later shocked to see Carly shot in the head, but is quickly changed and later seen celebrating at the mansion.

Celebrating didn't last long, once the assault happened. Alfred was sucked into the group that was forced to fight their way out of the house in order to survive. Alfred luckily barely made it out, and met with the bus group back at Misty Forrest. 

Alfred lives in a two story house along with Elena. The two are beginning to grow closer and closer, it has been hinted they have had sex.


  • Alfred was created by Walkerbait22
  • Alfred was the first character to be auditioned.
  • Alfred is a participant in the UDFS Hunger Games.
  • Alfred was BTD Character of The Month for the month of September.
  • Alfred was a participent in the USFW Hunger Games, where he placed 5th.

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