Alicia Alserafiyan, more commonly known as Alice, is a main character in Apocalypse Life.


Born to a caucasian military father and an ethnically mixed physicist mother, Alice's life had more ups and downs than the average. Moving around was common, but she wouldn't trade it for anything; her changing surroundings are what defined her. Curiously outgoing, but truly shy. Smart, but lazy. Alice's strict, yet pleasant company was what shaped her social network of friends. She was expected to be a famous public figure, the likes of movie stars or politicians.

In truth, that's not what she quite wanted. Their expectations always were too high, too exhausting for her to pursue. there was truly ever one person to treat her as an equal. One person who could ground her. And she loved that person, until their goals after high school conflicted and became lost to a mix of drama and confusion.

Alice was set on fulfilling her friends' and acquaintances' expectations, but she discovered the road to be grueling upon taking it. She explored her options and took as much time as she needed. Things moved slow, and even regressed, as she thought of returning to her roots, to the place where her family settled. She eventually chose to return to her hometown of five years, the next chapter of her life unspecified.

The First NightEdit

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The TripEdit

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Alice's ResidenceEdit

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The BlockadeEdit

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Back From the DeadEdit

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Julius PeteroEdit

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Hardtjen TrugilioEdit

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  • Alice has complete heterochromia, a genetic variation that causes her irises to have two different colors.
    • This was indirectly inspired by the movie, 28 Weeks Later, where the character, also named Alice (yet another indirect inspiration), had heterochromia.
  • Alice is a few months older than Julius.
  • Alice is left-handed.
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