Angelica Mclemore is a character to appear in Beyond The Dead

Angelica Mclemore
Actor Ryan Newman
Status Alive
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Occupation Middle School Student
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Relations Joey Mclemore (Uncle)

Caroline Mclemore (Aunt) Titus Mclemore (Cousin)

First Seen Issue 9
Last Seen Issue 33 (Killer by biters)
Other Information


She is the niece of the Mclemore family. She is also a middle school student. She liked to stay up late, because she says its a "Teenager thing".


Angelica is first seen at the house. She is very scared, and is releived to she her cousin Titus there. Titus takes her back, and is mostly seen caring for her. Angelica settles in, and loves to listen to Lionell's singing voice.

During the mansion ambush, Angie was sad, but acted like it didn't affect her much. On the roadtrip, she begun to get more comfortble with everyone, giving her the chance to room with Nadine, and Greta. It was revealed later, she did indeed have problems with her family's death. She snucked out of the gate, only to be attacked and killed by biters.

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