Angelina "Lina" Banalan is a character in Apocalypse Life.

She is extremely defensive of her group, serving as a regular supply runner and lookout. Her skills and determination make her a big asset to the group.


Lina lived a typical hard-working student's life before the apocalypse; trying to balance school between work, and eventually getting fed up with it. As much as Lina tried to adapt to this lifestyle, she couldn't conquer it. As such, she would always regress to partying and often wasting more time than she can afford, putting her in even more stress. That's when her old values kick in; she puts play aside, and goes straight to work.

After her fourth year as a medical student, she finally found the good balance between work and play. She was breezing through her fifth year in school when the apocalypse hit.


To be written.


Lina, as much as she is energetic, makes her exhaustion evident in her appearance. Messily tied hair, bags in her eyes, Lina insists on working toward a better apocalyptic life for her group. She always ignores her companions' pleas for her to rest.


To be written.


  • As a Filipino, Angelina knows how to speak a bit of Tagalog.
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