Axel Durwin
Axel, jeff fahey
Personal Information
Portrayed by Jeff Fahey
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Age 55
Occupation Shopkeeper
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
First Seen 209; Amo
Last Seen 906, Like the Good Old Days
Death 906, Like the Good Old Days
Origin Rogersville, Pennsylvania
Created by Kaffe4200

Axel Durwin is a character in Hope On The Rocks.



Not much is known about Axel from before the outbreak. He lived in Rogersville where he had a booth at the local marketplace.


Axel's legs was cut off early in the outbreak, after zombies had bit in both of them.
Axel continued working his booth, living in Rogersville. He hired Peter, Landon and Miles to scavenge supplies and trade with Waynesburg Refugee Camp for him.
He soon expanded with drugs and prostitutes, things that later got him kicked out of Rogersville after Garrett came in charge. It was at the same time that Chad was kicked out as well.

Together with a small group, they left Rogersville and soon enough found Doug Tallie's farm where Nick was accidentally shot. After Lia killed Doug's son, they were kicked off the farm, but soon returned after Bobby Lunar had captured Lia, Kerri and Esther. As the war emerged, Axel stayed behind with Miles, who had been shot, and Kristen.

After the war was over, they returned to Rogersville where they found a group of survivors. They all left for Leonardo Harbor, where some of them took a boat, Axel being on it. They ended up on a deserted island where they lived for a long time.
One day, a helicopter crashed. While Axel and Geary were organizing supplies, a schizophrenic man killed Axel while Geary was gone.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Numerous counts of zombies.


Killed byEdit

Paul, due to him being mentally disabled, killed Axel by penetrating his skull with a knife.

Centric IssuesEdit


  • Axel had a total of 4 centric issues, and appeared in 22 issues.
    • He also appeared in 1 issue of Before The Outbreak.
  • Axel has met all of the main characters, except Odin.


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