This page is about the character from Apocalypse Life. For other Barbara's, see the Disambiguation page.

Barbara was a minor character who appeared in Apocalypse Life.


Barbara lived a floor above Liam and Maureen. Her room was right next to the building's super.

She decided to live on her own after being a lone widower for quite a while. She was the one responsible for the apartment's plant life.

Weeks InEdit

Liam found Barbara as the only other survivor of the building. As such, he offered her to move in with him so that she could be more easily protected. She further enriches her relationship with them, now that she lives close by.

She was quiet most of the time, and would occasionally butt heads with Patrick Alfonso, a survivor and their new tenant.

When the time came for them to leave, Barbara stuck with Maureen's group. On their way there, military soldiers tried to subdue them, but they were mostly successful in escaping them. Their constant movement made Barbara highly exhausted, thus slowing her down and turning her into a victim of a sniper attack. She was shot twice, prompting the group to speed up their escape.


She usually likes to live in her own world, even with the apocalypse subsiding. Liam and Maureen supervise her very closely.



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Evee MastersonEdit

She takes care of Evee when her aunt is busy with other tasks.


  • Barbara was originally written to be Liam's aunt, then grandmother.
  • She was to have a middle-aged son who was to be a small burden to the group. Patrick Alfonso was supposed to take this role.
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