Bernie Olderson
No Image
Status Alive
Age Unspecified
Gender Male
Occupation Soldier
Nationality Caucasian-American
Relations Unknown
First Seen Issue 22
Last Seen Issue 40
Death Issue 40
Other Information
Bernie Olderson is a character in The Sewers.



Almost nothing is known about Mikhail's life prior to the apocalypse. It is possible that he worked as soldier along with Alfred, Sam, Mikhail, Nique, and possibly Ringo, Elbert and Bella as well.


Arc 1 - FearEdit

Looking for a safe place, Alfred, Mikhail, Sam, Bernie and Nique discovers The Sewers where the survivors live. Alfred then tells the survivors that they've got two days to get out, otherwise they'll die. Just before they leave, Mikhail shoots Tucker.

Bernie, along with Nique and Sam, gets to join the Sewer group. He goes to the Military Camp along with Liam, Cole and Hunter. He listened at Hunter's speech in the Sewers.

Arc 2 - SorrowEdit

Bernie was at the construction site withNique, Brandon and Neil. He got shot by a flaming arrow while Brandon tried to safe him.?

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Numerous counts of zombies, and possibly people.


Killed byEdit

  • Unknown Supermarket suvivor

Bernie was shot by a flaming arrow.






  • Bernie, along with Alfred, Sam, Mikhail and Nique, is the first antagonist in The Sewers.
Characters in The Sewers
The Sewers

Residents:Liam, Ethan, Hansi, Noelle, Timmy, Brandon, Cole, Seth, Torben, Ying-Maa
Tucker Family: Bill, Nia, Tucker, Diane
Rhett Family: Andy, Brad
Butterfield Family: Hunter, Lisa
Pruit Family: Neil, Lillian, Nina

Pennystown Military Camp
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Pennystown Highway
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