Beyond The Dead a progressing story that is in early development, by write NOStalgic.

Author Notes Edit

  • I'm unsure if this'll ever get written, as I am still working on two stories, but it good to have a place to store this information at for anyone to see.
  • Original OG BTD --> Don't Click

Characters Edit

Main Cast
Jussie Smollett as Uriah Saunders
Lennie Kravits as Paxtan Saunders
Dev Patel as Andrew Safe
Shameik Moore as Bryce Sutton

Relations to OG BTD Edit

I'm not considering this a re-write, nor a reboot because the plot isn't nearly the same. The only relevance this will have, will be characters that are heavily inspired by those. Uriah = Lionell, Paxtan = OG Paxtan & Walter, Andrew = Ajay, Bryce = Bradley... etc

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