Aware of Those Beyond The Dead - Issue 2 of Beyond The DeadEdit

Lionell looked as his black watch as time had just stuck six o’ clock. Still after watching the news over and over, he couldn’t comprehend on how something just so unrealistic was possible. He continued watching, as both Paxtan, and Ajay were in awe.

The news anchor maintained her posture, but it was clear she didn’t want to be out doing her job. She quickly let out a yelp, as the camera fell, eventually ending the broadcast immediately.

Paxtan: I think it’s about time we start heading out…

Ajay: But- Ajay opens his mouth, until he is quickly caught off by Paxtan.

Paxton: But nothing! Ajay, we got to move man! This place is just infected with a bunch of fucking cannibals! Ajay doesn’t respond as he simply just accept the fact they must move.

Lionell: What about that person you said could help? Neither of us ever heard about whether he could or not!

Paxtan: It was Walter… And he said he’ll be able to help us! All I know he stacks up on a lot of goods. Plus he does work with the school system with buses. He’ll be able to help us out!

Lionell: Fine… We don’t leave until tomorrow thoe okay?

Paxtan: Whatever you say boss… Paxtan begins walking towards his room… As Lionell and Ajay sit in the awkward silence, they have just created between themselves, until finally Ajay broke it.

Ajay: Who’s Walter?

Lionell: Walter was one of my Dad’s closest friends growing up… He always used to take us out to the skating ring and teach us hit on girls and stuff, since my Dad was always busy working… I didn’t even know him and Paxtan kept in contact with each other. Once my Mother and Father passed away, we didn’t hear much from him, then again he was dealing with a loss but I didn’t have that father figure to look up to... Although I still think he was as devastated as I was, once they died.

Ajay: You can’t really be mad at him thoe… I’m sure he had things to do…

Lionell: I know, just frustrates me I didn’t have that figure in my life…                   


Lionell sat up in his hard bed, which he still couldn’t believe he could handle and made his way towards the bathroom. He looked around for his Schick Hydro shaving cream, until he finally spotted next to his toothpaste. He put a dash of shaving cream on his hands, and begun rubbing it smoothly against the rough hairs of chin. He begun shaving and quickly admired how clean and different he looked once he was finished.

Paxtan: You going to sit there, and continue looking at yourself pretty boy?

Lionell: Yea, problem? Lionell grinned, as he begun making his way out of the warm bathroom.

Paxtan: Nope, look like you already know what to do! Paxtan notices Lionell packing up his cloths.

Lionell: Is Ajay awake? Lionell folds a sweater that reads Odd Future.

Paxtan: Yea, he’s actually already read, and so am I… So hurry up…

Lionell: Okay, just hold on would you?

Paxtan: You got 20 minutes, then we out! Paxtan starts walking away towards the living room as Lionell continues packing.


Lionell stepped out of the apartment as he seen both Ajay and Paxtan standing next to a white older Toyota. Lionell begun going down the dirty steps, trying to keep his luggage balanced and strait the whole time. He couldn’t help but notice how cold it was, he looked towards his right I seen a broken window. The only thing he could think to himself is how was he able to sleep through all of that?

The three men were finally finished loading up the old rugged car. Paxtan open the door to the driver seat as Lionell sat in the seat next to him, with Ajay behind him.

Lionell: Where are we going anyways? Lionell felt his phone vibrate, as he noticed he had a text from Dessi.

Dessi: Where are you?! Lionell read the test, as he looked back at Paxtan waiting for an answer.

Paxtan: Target… Why?

Lionell: Dessi texted me where we at…

Paxtan: Alright, just tell them to come! Lionell looked back at his phone, as he begun replying back to her.

Lionell: Just head to Target.


Lionell could easily notice that the target still looked pale, and ugly as before. Only difference, the front doors were broken, like the window at his apartment. Behind him he heard a car, driving behind him. He noticed the pink painted on the car, and immediately knew it was Dessi as he smiled.

Lionell opened his door, and was quickly greeted by Dessi with a hug wrapping her arms around his chest. Lionell couldn’t help, but smile as he was surprised at Dessi plead towards him.

Dessi: Have you seen this place! I’m just so glad, we’re all okay! One of those things tried to enter my home! But I was just lucky Lexi was there waiting behind my backyard to save me!

Dessi’s best friend Lexi, and Dee made their way out of the pink car, and they walked slowly towards Lionell and Dessi. Lionell looked up, as he noticed Dee and Paxtan giving dap to each other.

Lionell mood had quickly changed from being frustrated to happy. He just didn’t hope this would be his peak with her.

Ajay: Alright guys, enough re-union! Where is Walter?!

Paxtan: I don’t know he’ll be here so- Paxtan quickly stopped, as he noticed a bus, the same one Joe had driven yesterday.

Lionell: Why is that Mr. Dallas bus?!

Paxtan: Yeah, I remember him telling me about they’re friends… The crew waited patiently for the bus to pull up until finally it came to a stop. Walter was the first one off, his hair still browner then before. Joe waited in the driver seat, as he drunk a green monster can.

Walter: Well are y’all guys going to stand here or what? Everyone started walking towards the bus, eventually getting on it.

Walter: Everyone get on the bus, I’m going to stay out here and talk to Walter for a little bit.

Lionell: So why the hell are you just helping us now?

Walter: Look, I know I haven’t been there for you and Paxtan, but you got to understand I was very busy at the time… Many things were happening, and life was rough for me! If it helps, I’m sorry and this is my way of repaying you!

Lionell could tell his eyes were watery, as he didn’t realize how much Walter was going through. Lionell couldn’t take it anymore, holding a stupid grudge against here.

Lionell: Look, let’s just go… Everything is cool, alright?

Walter: Thanks… You made this much easier than expected… The two man grind as they both go up the steps of the bus.

Lionell looked out the window, as he looked confused. He noticed a group chasing after a younger black male. The younger man had a Nike sports bad, as if he was on his way to basketball or football practice. He continued running, as many of the man continued to run with him.

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This issue was re-written on 8/12/13

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