The First Crusade - Issue 23 of Beyond The DeadEdit

It was early morning. After 30 minutes of sitting wide awake with his eyes open, he eventually fell asleep. Lionell opens his eyes, only for them to get hurt from the sun beaming in their window. He squints his eyes, to avoid any more pain, opening them every 4-5 seconds. He sits up, to look up at his side to see if Willow was still next to him. Lionell then notices, Willow isn’t anywhere to be seen. He gets up from his bed, and puts on his house slippers and begins walking slow towards the door.

Lionell continues down the long way down the stairs. He reaches the bottom to notice Willow eating breast fast. He looks around one last time to check if anyone else is around. This time he notices both Teague and Drew awake, playing Need for Speed 4 together.

Lionell: Good to see you guys are still alive. Lionell makes a light smile.

Teague: Yea, I was actually able to sleep real well.

Drew: Yea, I think I just drunk a little much.

Lionell: Alright, well y’all keep it easy then. Lionell then proceeds towards Willow, who is eating a granola bar.

Lionell: Hey Willow, how come you’re up so early?

Willow: Just wasn’t tired.

Lionell: Where are the others?

Willow: Oh, their outside, checking the perimeters of the fences.

Lionell: Oh thanks, I catch up with you later babe. Lionell plants a kiss on her cheek, and walks towards the double doors. He opens one, and takes a look around. He notices Walter, Landan, Paxtan, and Titus around the front entrance. He walks towards them with a concerned face.


Landan: Bad news man.

Lionell: What’s wrong? He looks around towards the four un-even faces.

Walter: The gate looks broken.

Lionell: How old is this house Titus?

Titus: At least 35 years.

Lionell: 35 years? Shit, y’all never bothered to get new fences up?

Titus: No, I mean we just didn’t think this type of situation would come.

Lionell: I guess I can’t be mad at you…Damn, look this place isn’t safe, we need to move soon.

Titus: Why? The fences are still up, and their hasn’t been much biter activity?

Landan: Actually theirs was more… Longer we go, more people get infected.

Titus: So, not like they’re going to break here! I’m pretty sure my home is the safest thing right now.

Lionell: No, we’re leaving tonight damn it!

Titus: Where the fuck we go then! You’re just leading us to a death sentence!

Lionell: We’re going to Maryland!

Titus: Maryland? What the hell is there?

Lionell: Look, your father risked his life for me, you know why? Because he trusted me to protect you, and everyone here.

Titus: Sure my father trusted you, but it weren’t for that Bradley kid, you’ll all be dead!

Lionell: Yea, I’m pretty sure y’all would be pretty dead as well! We have been busting out own asses! To fucking protect you and your family, and this is how you repay us? If there is a problem, then I just leave your ass here die!

Titus doesn’t say a word but instead walks away, clinching his fist.

Walter: So Maryland huh?

Lionell: Yeah, any problems?

Walter: Oh no! I’m actually quite exited; hopefully I can see your parents again.

Lionell: Yea, make sure you guys inform everybody thoe.

The three men walk back towards the house.


Caroline: Lionell we don’t need to leave here.

Lionell: Trust me; we do, because I guarantee you these gates won’t be up by next week

Caroline: How do you know? These gates have been looking great, and been working well.

Lionell: Look, I’m trying to do my best, I told everyone I was taking this more serious, and I’m trying to repay you and your family, giving you guys the protection you need.

Caroline: Look, I appreciate your help and everything, but this place is wonderful, we have food, and enough room for everyone, but I’m staying here.

Lionell: No way, it’s going to be you, Titus, and that little girl, and you expect y’all to survive?

Caroline: Well, when my husband risked his life for you, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t want us to leave! If I remember we have around 20 people living in this house! How do you even plan on finding us shelter!

Lionell: My old neighborhood, I would actually love some privacy, not have to worry about anyone coming in my room while I’m trying to have fun, not having to go out in the car all the time to speak about how I feel!

Caroline: Well I’m telling you this, I’m not going! We have enough food here to last us for at least 2 months!

Lionell: What’s going to happen when it’s all gone?!

Caroline: Titus can go get more!

Lionell: You actually think Titus can handle himself, and get supplies? Who’s going to protect you guys?

Caroline: Well Titus is strong okay! Now you listen to me god damn it! Lionell gets caught off guard by the use of language.

Lionell: Look calm down—Lionell is quickly cut off by Caroline.

Caroline: Me too calm down? You don’t know what I been through, sometimes I sit in my bed at nice lonely wishing you were dead, and my husband was alive-!

Lionell: Caroline sto-

Caroline: No! Now we’re going to stay here, because those walls won’t break! From behind her she sees Angelica running off.

Caroline: Damn it! She runs after her to make sure she is okay.


Caroline: I’m sorry for all my screaming, forgive me?

Angelica: There’s nothing wrong with your screaming, it’s just how much you changed.

Caroline: Aww, I’m sorry, but what do you mean by changed sweetie?

Angelica: Look at us? All of us! I’m pretty sure none of us have killed anyone, especially the way you’re acting. Since when did you start using God’s name in vein?

Caroline: I don’t know, it just came out of my mouth.

Angelica: Besides, Lionell’s a good guy, you should apologies.

Caroline: Well see, I just don’t want to leave this house, the fences still up and everything.

Angelica: Well I had to leave my home. Watch my mother get shot in her fore head, you just need to move on; I’m sorry but this is the best chance we got left, even if it means I have to leave you and Titus.

Caroline: Are you saying, you want to leave with them?

Angelica: Look around us! Their isn’t even no people around me age here! I want to experience the world! But I want you and Titus to experience with me.

Caroline: Well don’t you like this big house at least?

Angelica: I just don’t really care, I never have worried about how rich or poor someone was, now I’m going to go, and leave you guys with your tough decision. Angelica exits the room, as Caroline sits there with her head leaning forward thinking to herself.


Lionell: You really okay with leaving?

Willow: Yea, as long as I am with you! The other day, was so romantic you know.

Lionell: Does that mean I have to keep serenading you to get some? He laughs, and leaves a grind on his face.

Willow: Of course not! I mean you’re like the man of my dreams! You got a sexy voice, a sexy body, you know how to protect a woman, and of course you sat there and watch Safe Haven with me! Lionell can’t help but blush.

Lionell: Oh stop it, you’re making me blush! But you know sometimes us boys will do anything! He folds up his shirt, and packs it in his luggage.

Willow: What can I say; I’m such a sweet talking devil! Willow says sarcastically.

Lionell: So what were you doing before everything?

Willow: I was actually a professional dancer! I was in a few music videos for people like Beyoncé, and Chris Brown! What about you?

Lionell: Funny thing actually! I was music producer, but I was going to college to work in the medical field if the whole music business didn’t work out!

Willow: Oh that’s so cool! Lionell walks over to her.

Lionell: Not as cool as working with Beyoncé, or Chris Brown! You should totally teach my how to dance sometime! Lionell lift up her legs, and smile, and gives her a peck on her cheek.

Lionell: Maybe some ballet? His smile grows bigger.

Willow: Ha-ha! You’re so crazy!!! Of course!


Alfred: Hey Greta! What do you do to make a girl like you?

Greta: Aww! Is my little boy crushing on someone!

Alfred: Ha-ha whatever, but how?

Greta: I don’t know, just be yourself! Just be funny, that’s all I can tell you!

Alfred: Come on, can’t you have anything else?

Greta: Uhm, nah! I’m not that good talking to girls either!

Alfred: Well then what does a girl do to make you like her?

Greta: Well being funny! But I like someone who can be charming as well!

Alfred: I supposed I could be more charming.

Greta: Yea you could always slow it down.

Alfred: Yea, I suppose so!

Greta: So who’s the lucky girl?

Alfred: Elena…

Greta:  I could always talk to her!

Alfred: You’ll do that for me?

Greta: Yea, defiantly!

Alfred: Thanks Greta!

Greta: Now get out of here; I’m trying to watch this movie!

Alfred: Alright then, don’t you be touching yourself now when I leave! Alfred proceeds out of her room

Greta: Oh come on, whatever! She smiles, and continues watching her movie.


Nick: You notice how there been more biters lately?

Mark: Yea, look at all those fuckers out in that field.

Nick: Yea, so what were you doing before the apocalypse?

Mark: Nothing much, just a bum that didn’t do much with his opportunities.

Nick: What type of opportunities?

Mark: Spending more time with my parents, not graduating high school, not staying in the army, not becoming an alcoholic.

Nick: Damn, I guess us both been through a lot of shit.

Mark: Trust me; you had it way more easily than me. This past year I have been on and off the streets. I had to train myself not to go crazy every 30 seconds. Mark opens a can of Miller Light.

Nick: Damn, didn’t realize you were homeless.

Mark: Yep, there are a lot of things, you don’t realize.  Mark takes a sip from the can of Miller Light.

Nick: Yea, well I leave you up here, I need to start packing, and you probably should to.

Mark: Trust me, I don’t. I don’t have anything but three outfits. Mark takes another sip of the can of Miller Light.

Nick: I always have cloths if you need any. Nick waits for a response, but he doesn't get one. He opens the door, and begins towards his room.


In the house everyone were getting their stuff packed except, Bradley, Titus, and Caroline. Bradley sat on the top porch by himself, with no emotions.

Lionell: What’s sup Bradley? Bradley jerks his head towards Lionell, as he sits down next to him.

Bradley: Nothing much…

Lionell: What happened? You can tell me men…

Bradley: Destiny and I just broke up.

Lionell: Damn, it is alright men. Y’all still teens anyways, not like you looking for wife.

Bradley: Yea true, just the fact I devoted this much time in our relationship and everything.

Lionell: Well, I mean if you really liked her, don’t you think you’ll be trying to win her back?

Bradley: Nah, I guess so. But crying back to a girl isn’t a Bradley thing.

Lionell: What happened to the “You have to do certain stuff for girls” Motto.

Bradley: Whatever, I guess that’s just if you’re in love. At that very moment, the two heard a loud sound as if a steel plate were being dropped next to their ears.

Lionell: What the fuck! Lionell look towards the front gate, as it had fallen.

At least a dozen biters heard the loud ruckus the gate had made as it hit the ground. At the bottom it looked like a younger men, trapped under the gate until the process of the biters coming over to devour him first. The biters begin to pour in the gates as they seen Lionell and Bradley. The rest of the biters worked their way slowly towards the noise they heard in front of the house.

Lionell: Go get the others in the car! Lionell loaded the heavy sniper rifle, and aimed it at the biter’s head.

Bradley: Everyone get in the car! No questions! Answers later! Everyone begin to run in panic, as they were grabbing their luggage.

Teague ran up to the balcony where Lionell was.

Teague: Give me the sniper; you go help everybody down stairs. Lionell immediately hands him the sniper, and runs down the stairs as fast as he could.

Lionell quickly grabbed four random bags, placing two on his forearms, and the other two in his hands. He ran outside towards his BMW, placing the four bags in the back of the trunk. The biter’s were beginning to come more clearly, as they started to come from the woods and making their way towards the main entrance.

Landan, Paxtan, Alfred, Drew, Walter, and Jay took spots in front of the door where they begin shooting the biters. As more shots blew the brains of the biters, more biters begin to hear and made their way towards them.

Lionell ran out towards the bus that was nothing but 10 feet away from the biters approaching. He pulled the bus up to the front steps and quickly ordered everyone on the bus.

Drew: Shit, I’m out of ammo! I’ll go help Teague! Drew quickly rushed inside.

Alfred: Yea, I’ll be inside as well. Alfred followed Drew.

Walter: Yea, Jay and I are out as well.

Paxtan: Damn, me too!

Lionell: Everyone on the bus now!

Walter hopped on the bus first in the driver seat. He was then followed by Jay, Nadine, Mark, Nick, Elena, and Willow. Lionell immediately ran back inside all Walter seen were biters around the bus, trying to break in, he had no choice to leave.


Lionell locked the door behind him hoping to buy him time. He looked around to make sure everyone had left until he still heard shooting on the roof.

Lionell stares towards the top of the stair where he notices Caroline at the top of the stairs crying. He then approaches her slowly, signaling her to come.

Lionell: Where’s Titus?

Caroline: He got eaten!

Lionell:  What do you mean?

Caroline: He went out there to try to fix the gate, but I guess the gate fell on top of him, and they got to him.

Lionell: Look, I’m going to get us out of here. Even if that means I have to waste every last bit of ammo. You need to trust me Caroline!

Caroline simply nods as she wipes the tears from her eyes.

Drew, Alfred, and Teague come from the balcony and the three sit in front of the door with their weapons out. Down stairs, Greta came with Scarlett, and Destiny, Landan and Bradley. Mark and Nick came from the long hall way leading towards the gym.

Lionell: Why aren’t you two on the bus?

Greta: Lover girl was too busy crying, and didn’t even notice what had happened.

Lionell: Damn it, alright everyone get in positions, and make sure their guns are loaded.

Everyone checked their ammo. Caroline, Scarlett, and Destiny sat in the other room. The thumps on the door were getting louder and louder, until the door finally burst down.

Alfred: Here comes Letholdus!

The team begins fire, and biter began to fall. Drew and Landan begin moving forward.

Lionell: What are you two doing! Get over here! Drew and Landan continued going forward, until the two were over taken by biters.

Landon continued shooting as the biters were attempting to bite him. Drew on the other hand had already stopped shooting. The two men screamed as they struggled to come to their senses that they in fact got too caught up in the moment.

Lionell: Fall back!

Mark, Nick, Lionell, Bradley, Teague, and Greta were the only ones left standing that could actually use a weapon. Destiny was suddenly grabbed, and taken into the abundance of biters. Her loud, crying screams only lasted for ten seconds until she was no more. Moments later the same thing happened to Scarlett.

Mark: Shit, I’m out!

Greta: Here catch! Greta tosses him her other pink pistol.

Mark: What the fuck?! Mark quickly glances back towards the biters, and begins pressing the trigger of the pistol repeatedly towards the biters.

More biters begin to drop one by one on the cold messy floor. The last biter walked towards them too only be shot in its dull forehead.

Lionell: Alright, everyone to my car! Everyone passes him except for Caroline.

A loud shot goes off, capturing every one’s attention. Lionell looks behind him, to see the gun in Caroline’s hand, and blood pouring from her pale head.


Lionell doesn’t bother to hesitate, but quickly catches up with the others. Lionell opens up the driver seat of his car. He looks towards the side of him then towards the back. He first sees Alfred, and then Teague, Bradley, Mark and Nick squished into the back.

Greta: Now you don't have to say I owe you one Mark.

Mark: Whatever, I could have fought through there with my bare hands.

Greta: Yea, I'm sure you could.

Alfred: Damn, I ain't never killed that many biters before.

Teague: Well where you think they been hiding? I mean have they just been in the woods this whole time, not even aware were at the mansion the whole time.

Bradley: Defiantly a possibility.

Lionell: You don't seem that upset Bradley, why?

Bradley: Well we all have to die one day, weather or not. We don't get a choice, besides I didn't see Destiny and I working out.

Lionell: Oh, true stuff thoe man.

Teague: Well we all still have each other.

Lionell: Yea for sure, by the way anyone has the walkie talkie?

Bradley: I got, I found it before we left!

Lionell: Thank you Bradley! You're a life saver!

Bradley hands Lionell the walkie talkie and sets his head on the window. Lionell presses the red button on the walkie talkie.

Lionell: Walter, you guys alright? Lionell waits a few seconds until he hears Walters voice.

Walter: Yea, we’re alright! Were at the gas station on high way 56.

Lionell: Thank god! Alright well be their soon. Lionell continues to drive down the long road, and not looking back.

Last Issue: Issue 22 Next Issue: Issue 24

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