Fast Is Faster - Issue 19 of Beyond The DeadEdit

Nick, Scarlett, and Nadine are driving to the woods towards the mansion.

Nick: I knew we should’ve just left earlier.

Nadine: What do you mean?

Nick: Look what happen, I mean y’all guys are in no conditions to even be out there, I know I’m not. Look around, there’s nothing but biters around us, I’m getting more scared from the people around us.

Nadine: It be alright Nick, we’re safe.

Nick: Yea for now.

At the school, John had just driven off, and the others are preparing to head back. Everyone is packed into the bus, besides Drew, Teague, Alfred, and Greta who are in Drew’s car, then there’s just Lionell.

Lionell: Y’all guys go on, I found some pretty neat car keys while in there.

Drew: Alright, keep safe man. Drew starts his car, and begins pulling forward, along with the bus.

Lionell begins walking towards the parking lot, and presses a button. The button triggers a small alarm, revealing the car is a Grey, and Blue 2013 BMW.

Lionell: Aw shit, my new baby. Lionell jobs at a steady pace towards the car.


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Lionell hops in the car, starting up. He takes off, speeds down the road through the woods. He slips in a CD titled “The Chronic” He immediately skips the first two tracks, and a song title “Let Me Ride” Begins to play. Lionell begins to nod his head up and down, removing his memory of what went down at Central. Lionell starts to rap to this song, making his voice sound even more monotone then it was before.

“Creepin' down the back street on D’s, I got my Glock cocked, cause niggas want these but no soon as I said it seems I got sweated. “

“By some nigga with a TEC-9, tryin' to take mine you wanna make noise, make noise.”

Lionell quits rapping as he catches a glimpse of a broken down car ahead on the road. Lionell has to catch his breath, and he lowers the music down. Two young women come in view to his eyes, and they are waving they’re hands up and down for help. Lionell quickly slams the breaks, causing the car to stop automatically. He gets out of the car and begins to walk towards the two ladies.

One of them has blue hair, while the other one has regular blondish hair.

Blue haired girl: Oh thank you sir! You couldn’t have come at the right time!

Lionell: Yea, so what’s the deal?

Blond haired girl: Where our car broke down, we were hoping you could give us a ride.

Lionell: To where exactly?

Blond haired girl: Well we don’t have a place; do you by any chance have a community or something?

Lionell: Yea, y’all guys are welcome to stay!

The blue haired girl immediately runs towards Lionell and gives him a hug.

Blue haired girl: Thank you so much! She runs towards the car, followed by Lionell and the blond haired girl.

Lionell gets buckled up as well as the girls, and begins to drive.

Lionell: So I never got y’all guy’s name?

Blond haired girl: Elena

Blue haired girl: Willow, and yours?

Lionell: Oh Lionell, y’all got some interesting name. I’m kind of interested to know your parents name if you don’t mind me asking.

Elena: Yea, my mother was named Justice, and our father name was Rubio.

Lionell: Yea those are pretty interesting names, so I’m guessing you guys are siblings?

Elena: Yea.

Lionell: How old are you guys? If you don’t mind me asking again. Lionell makes a small grind.

Elena: I’m 22, and my sister is 23, you?

Lionell: 24, that means y’all have to listen to me. The all share a laugh.

Lionell: So how did you guy’s end up down here?

Willow: We we’re originally trying to visit our family up in Canada, but then people started eating other people and stuff.

Lionell: Yea, crazy.

Willow: Why is there blood on your shirt?

Lionell: Well you’re not going to probably believe this, but we had to kill some people.

Willow: We’re they bad?

Lionell: Yea, they actually killed at least 5 of our own, and a whole community that was held up at the Wal-Mart.

Willow: Damn, well at least you don’t have to worry about them anymore.

Lionell Yea.

Willow: Where you get this nice car from?

Lionell: I actually found it in the parking lot, one of the people there must have had a rich father.

Elena: Wow, aren’t you lucky.

Lionell: Yep, sure am. Lionell laughs.


Nick, Nadine, and Scarlett are at the mansion, waiting patiently for the rest of the group to return.

Nadine: You think they made it?

Nick: I honestly don’t know, I mean if Teague and Jarvis were there, then yea.

Scarlett: So what made you want to talk more now? Before you were just so quiet.

Nick: I don’t know, I guess Jarvis and Teague really showed me how big my potential can be.

Bradley, along with his girlfriend Destiny, comes towards the living room to greet the new survivors.

Bradley: Hey guys! I’m Bradley and this is my girlfriend Destiny.

Nadine: Hey guys! I’m Nadine, and this is Nick and Scarlett.

Nick: Oh snap, arn't you Bradley Carr?

Bradley: Yea! How do you know?

Nick: Well I'm a Kentucky Wildcat fan, and I seen many highlights, and dude, you're totally awesome!

Bradley: Thanks, appreciate it man!

The 5 of them engage and continues to chat.


Outside the bus and Drew’s car pull up towards the driveway. They all get out of their cars, and greet each other once more. They all reach the inside of the house, where they are quickly greeted with a pleasant smell of chicken and other varieties of foods.

Drew: Oh man, what’s that smell!

Mark: I haven’t smelled food this great since I was just a little boy. Mark actually had a smile on his face for once.

Caroline: Hey guys! I’m so glad you guys are all okay! You can call me Caroline, and this is my niece Angelica. Caroline then runs toward Titus to give him a hug and a kiss on his cheek.

Walter: Well everyone didn’t make it back.

Caroline: What do you mean?

Walter: We loss some good man.

Caroline: Well is Lionell okay?

Drew: Yes he is okay, he just wanted to treat himself.

Caroline: Oh thank god! Well I’m very sorry for you guys losses, now come and eat! Caroline smiles.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Outside, Lionell is speeding as fast as you can. He easily notices the girls are enjoying it with their windows down. “Damn, they must not had this much fun in a while.” Lionell thought to himself.

Lionell: Alright guys, I’m going to have to slow down, were getting close to the house.

Willow: Bummer that was fun! She rolls up her window, as Elena rolls hers back up.

Lionell: Maybe on a nice day, I could take you somewhere, and we could have fun.

Willow: That will be fun! 

Lionell: Elena?

Elena: Nah, I’m going to have to be the wall flower on this one.

Lionell: Alright then, you’re going to be missing out.

Lionell reaches the house, pressing the button to allow his entrance into the mansion. He pulls all the way up, to the end and everyone comes out the house surprised, with the mouths gasp open by the beautiful view of the car.

Paxtan: Damn! This is hot!

Lionell: Yea, if I’m going to be living this world, I’m going to live it as if I’m in my fantasy world.

Caroline: Oh, I see you got more guests! Come eat! Caroline takes the girls back inside, while some of the men stay out to chat about the car with Lionell.


It’s about night time, and everyone is either on the deck or in the living room chilling. Lionell is in the kitchen, listening to a tape recorder over and over again.

Willow: Hey, what’s up?

Lionell: Nothing much, you?

Willow: Same, really nice place. So silent then being out there, having to worry about those things.

Lionell: Yea, defiantly.

Willow: So what do you have there?

Lionell: Just a tape recorder, I like to listen to my parent’s voice. I keep it with me so I don’t forget what their voices sound like.

Willow: Aww, that’s so sweet.

Lionell: Yea, they died when I was a youngin. All I remember was her voice, when she used to sing to me and Paxtan.

Willow: Oh, sorry to hear that!

Lionell: It’s alright! Lionell then pulls out a photo album, and skims through it until he finds a photo.

Lionell: That was me, at my parents 7th anniversary. Lionell sat down playing in the mud despite him being in a suit and tie. Paxtan was in the back smiling with his eyes closed, while Lionell’s parents were taking a photo.

Willow: Aww, you look so cute when you were younger.

Lionell: Now I have facial hair and shit. The two laugh.

Willow: So how is it like to kill somebody?

Lionell: I defiantly don’t enjoy it. I prefer not to, but what has to be done has to be done. I’m not even sure how we’re all fine and everything.

Willow: Oh, well it was nice talking to you Lionell, catch you later! She leaves and waves a good bye and heads up stairs.

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