Kaleidoscope Dreams' - Issue 21 of Beyond The Dead Edit

Before readin this issue, I just wanted to say I wanted to take a step back. This issue if filled with love, I kind of don't like it, because its pretty cheesy and some what girly :P.Edit

But yea, this issue idea, was inspired by Miguels- "Do You..." VEVO Music Video.

The link will be below this as well, and I suggest watching the video after reading if you do plan to watch it. Last but not least, thank you for reading!

Miguel - Do You...


Everyone was gathered around in the morning, with the nice feel of the hot shot beaming upon them. In front of them, was a grave for Ajay. Next to his grave were Joe’s, Joeys, Jarvis, and Dees.

Lionell: Unfortunately, over the past weeks, we have loss some people. Some very good people that risked their lives for us. Yesterday, Ajay was unfortunately bit and we had no choice but to end his suffering. Hopefully, we don’t have to experience anything like this again. Would anyone like to come up here to say a few words? Teague steps forward.

Teague: Jarvis was my friend. He was just such a dope person, and fun to be around. It’s just terrifying knowing how he died. The only thing I have to remember him is his dog tags, may you rest in peace brotha. Paxtan steps forward.

Paxtan: Dee was like the opposite of me. I remember meeting him during high school. The way we met was actually quite funny. Somehow we found out we were dating the same girl, and we were actually about to fight. But with us, we just blamed the girl, and were just like fuck it. Met up with him a few times later and ever since he been there for me. Rest in peace men, and maybe one day we can drink another shot again.

Lionell: Thank you guys, really appreciate y’all coming up, to share this with us. From now on thoe, and I said it before, but I mean we really have to start working together if we want to live.

Outside Nick and Mark were on guard. Drew and Teague was getting some well needed rest, and the girls were all in one room chatting. Down stairs Alfred and Lionell were beginning to get to know each other. Landan and Bradley and Jay, were at the gym working out. Walter and Titus were in there separate bedrooms getting some ret as well.


Alfred: What up Lionell?

Lionell: Nothing much, trying to decide what the hell I’m going to watch, these past days just been crazy.

Alfred: Yea, I think everyone deserves a good rest.

Lionell: Yea, I guess Landan and Mark are okay, I don’t know how they are doing it.

Alfred: Landan was a cop after all, I don’t know about Mark thoe.

Lionell: What’s up with him anyways?

Alfred: I honestly don’t know, I guess he has some type of problem, but I think he is quite good at controlling it.

Lionell: Yea, that’s good; so are you and Greta like a thing?

Alfred: Not really, don’t laugh but she is actually Bi.

Lionell: Shit, no way!

Alfred: Yea, she so cool thoe, some days she might be like a tomboy, and next day she’s such a sweet heart.

Lionell: Yea that’s always pretty cool.

Alfred: Yea, so what do you think about the two new sisters? A smile lights up on Alfred’s face.

Lionell: They cool.

Alfred: That’s all? I’m liking Elena! If you haven’t notice, I’m a fan of blondes.

Lionell: Fine, Willow is pretty cute.

Alfred: Yea, there you go! What you just loss a girlfriend or something?

Lionell: Yea actually, few weeks ago, I been thinking if this place doesn’t work out, we could go up there.

Alfred: Where exactly?

Lionell: Well I used to actually go up there for summers to help my grandparents, since they were pretty old, so maybe around their neighborhood, who knows. Lionell shrugs his soldiers.

Alfred: Well I would hate for things to get ruined here, we have a pretty damn good thing going on around here.

Lionell: Yea, as long as these fences stay up.


Mark and Nick are out on top of roofs still guarding. Nadine begins walking up the stairs, to check on them with two water bottles, and some small snacks.

Nadine: Hey guys! Here are some snacks or whatever; I know y’all be getting hungry and thirsty and stuff. The two men didn’t say a word, but just nodded their heads.

Nadine: Wow, y’all two are kind of alike.

Mark: Me and him? Nah.

Nick: And how is that possible?

Nadine: Well I mean y’all are arguably the two most silent people in the house.

Nick: Well I talk to you don’t I?

Nadine: Well yea, but you’re not around as often; you’re either reading a book or something.

Nick: Well for your information, The Hunger Games Series is fantastic, and I don’t mind reading it at all.

Nadine: Sure you don’t, well y’all enjoy yourselves company. Nadine walks away smiling while shaking her head.


Lionell: So, a bird told me you want to be rapper? What’s up with that?

Alfred: I just didn’t get notice; I guess Kentucky isn’t the place where you should try to become a rapper. The two man laugh.

The two men quit laughing, until they here multiple footsteps coming down stairs. Willow and Elena are chatting with each other.

Willow: Oh hey guys! Willow waves towards them.

Lionell: Oh, hey why are you guys down here?

Willow: Just getting some water, so when are we are you going take me out?

Lionell: We could always go now; I don’t have anything to do. Lionell smiles.

Alfred: Hey Elena, what’s up! Alfred and Elena begin walking away, in the opposite direction of Lionell and Willow.

Willow: Oh cool!

Lionell gets up from his chair, and begins walking towards the front door. Eventually Willow, and him make their way to the BMW.


Elena: So what do you want?

Alfred: Nothing, I just wanted to tell you how I love your hair.

Elena: Sure, just like you liked Greta’s hair?

Alfred: Greta and I are just chill like that.

Elena: And what is exactly chill to you? She smiles, leaving a grind on her face.

Alfred: She’s just my homie, that’s all, I can’t tell you if you look good or not?

Elena: Well yea, I suppose show, but I tell you this snow lover boy, I am not an easy catch. She smile, and waves good bye as she walks back up stairs.

Alfred: Damn, should have been smoother. Alfred mumbles to himself, as he face palms himself.


Lionell is out on the high way with Willow in his BMW. Willow has her head out the window feeling the nice wind blow through her blue hair. The sun is beaming down on the two, letting them feel the heat.

Willow: It’s just feels so peaceful you know.

Lionell: Yea, feels good, despite those ugly biters that we got to keep driving by.

Willow: Yea, defiantly! Hey you got any music?

Lionell: Yea, just check the glove department.

Willow opens the glove department, revealing multiple albums and some pistol ammo.

Willow: Oh men! You got a lot of albums! Willow skims through the albums and picks one up.

Willow: Oh man! I love Miguel! The album reads “Kaleidoscope Dream”

Lionell: Yea, he defiantly tops my list of favorite R&B singers! Willow skims through, and picks up a box of condoms.

Willow: So what’s this? Willow giggles.

Lionell:  Oh, I didn’t even know I had that in there! It takes Lionell a few seconds to process how they could have gotten in there.

Lionell: Walter! Lionell thinks to himself.

Willow: Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to embarrass you!

Lionell: Oh it’s alright! Lionell blushes, and tries to hide it by putting one hand over his right cheek.

Willow presses the eject button revealing a copy of The Chronic. She takes the CD, and puts it in its correct case. She then puts Kaleidoscope Dream in the radio player. The first track reads “Adorn – 3:13”.

Willow begins mumbling to the song; Lionell joins in.

Lionell: Hey you want to stop by somewhere or something, just sit and chat?

Willow: Yea defiantly!

Lionell: Stops out, somewhere on the high way where there isn’t any biters to be seen.

Willow: This song is just so cool, I love Miguel’s voice! Thanks Lionell for taking me out.

Lionell: No thank you for coming with me, I want to drive this baby around, and I wouldn’t want to be alone. He smiles at her, and she returns one back.

Willow: Hey Lionell, can you sing? She leans her to her right, and smiles still curious.

Lionell: I don’t know to be honest; I mean people say I can.

Willow: You think you can show me an example? She smiles at Lionell.

Lionell: Well if you want to hear me that much I suppose so.

Willow: Alright, let me pick a song! I’m going to pick a tough song to cover. She smiles along with Lionell.

Willow skims through only one song titled “Don’t Look Back”. She stops on a song titled “Use Me”.

Lionell: You would pick this song he laughs along with her. The song begins to play, with the guitar instrumental.

Lionell: “Sedate me, salacious salty and sweet- I’m overwhelmed by tasty thoughts of you Daydream, my body's waving a white flag take me- Yeah, ah baby, now I know I'm sober- “

“It’s just so profound, that every wall I build up comes crashing down- Don’t the waves pull the sand? Don’t the moons pull the tide, baby? Then I’m yours!”

“ Use me, I'm gonna give you control, with the lights on- If I could just let go, forgive me- it's the very first time- that I'm nervous- Can I trust you?”

“Trust me, while I take this off, with the lights on- Cause it turns me on- If you're nervous, just let me show you how to touch me- I could teach you this”  

Lionell catches his breath, and stairs at Willow smiling.

Willow has her head leaning against the rest of the seat, with her arms wrapped around herself.

Willow: Wow, you’re amazing! I must say you have a sexy voice! Lionell blushes and Willow notices making her blush as well. The song continues to play in the background.

Willow: You want to know why I picked this song.

Lionell: Why?

Willow: Because it’s just such a sexy song and I mean I just always thought it was kinda of romantic.

Lionell: Oh, you know, if its okay with you, we could do the deed, it be fun. 

Willow: Oh my gosh! Like right here? What if any biters come?

Lionell: I highly doubt it, this place looks pratically like the desert.

Willow: Alright, I'm in! The music continues to play in the back ground.

Willow leans towards Lionell; Lionell leans in as well planting a kiss on her sweet tasty lips. Willow gets out of her seat, and sits on top of Lionell’s lap and continues to kiss him. She takes off her jacket, and reaches in for the glove department, and retrieves the condoms from earlier that she found.


Elena: Hey does anybody know where my sister is?

Alfred: Oh she’s still with Lionell, they been out for a while.

Elena: Yea, I hope nothing bad happened.

Landan: Oh, it is alright, Lionell keep her safe.

Walter: Yea, I highly doubt they’re in trouble. Walter chuckles to himself, knowing what’s really taking them long.


Nick: So what’s up?

Mark: Nothing. Mark lights up a cigarette.

Mark: Want one?

Nick: Nah, I don’t smoke.

Mark: Why not? It helps me.

Nick: Helps you with what?

Mark: My disability, keeps it under control and stuff, so I don’t go crazy.

Nick: What do you mean?

Mark: Sometimes I might see things that aren’t real, so basically I’m high.

Nick: Oh, Interesting. Nick takes a sip from his water bottle.


Lionell and Willow arrive back at the house. Lionell gets out of the car first, and opens the door for Willow.

Willow: Wow, thanks again Lionell!

Lionell: No problem, maybe we could do it again. The two laugh.

Willow leans up against the car with her arms crossed. Lionell lifts up her right leg and continues to hold it with his right arm. Willow puts her arm around Lionell’s neck, and the two begin to kiss passionately.


Elena and Alfred are at the bar along with Walter, Paxtan, and Landan.

Walter: Y'all kids might want to calm down with all of y'all drinking.

Paxtan: Yea, I'm going to go hit the deck.

Landan: Yea, me to! I catch y'all later! Landan and Paxtan preceed out of the room.

Walter: Alright, I leave you two alone! Walter walks towards the double doors, eventually leaving.

Alfred: I see how you want to be; You want to play hard to get.

Elena: I don't know, why do you care?

Alfred: I just think your'e really cute that's all.

Elena: Well that's sweet! 

Alfred: Here I wrote you this ealier. He hands her a piece of paper.

Elena reads the paper, and smiles, this doesn't mean I'm not playing hard to get. 

Elena: Aww, that's sweet, thanks. She gives him a hug  and walks away.

Alfred: One day Alfred, one day. Alfred thinks to himself.


Last Issue: Issue 20 Next Issue: Issue 22

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