Life On The High Way - Issue 24 of Beyond The DeadEdit

It’s been five days since the gruesome attack on the mansion. Everyone that made it out alive of the large mansion is either on the bus or the BMW.

Bradley: Where we are going Walter? Bradley takes the closest seat towards the driver seat.

Walter: Maryland! A big smile pops up on his pale face.

Bradley: What are you so happy about?

Walter: Many memories! Like all the spring breaks, high-school, and last but not least meeting the love of my life.

Bradley: You used to live here or something?

Walter: Yea!

Bradley: And spring breaks? Bradley cracks a little smile.

Walter: Yes! See the first few breaks were just fun and games, and sex… Walter shakes his head to get back on track.

Walter: But yea, the last one was when I met my wife.

Bradley: Sounded like you had lots of fun when you were my age!

Walter: Yea defiantly bud, it must suck not having to not be able to do any of those things.

Bradley: Oh well, I can still make the best of what I have.

Walter: You have been actually handling this pretty damn well. You’re on tough kid Bradley!

Bradley: What do you mean?

Walter: I mean, you loss ex, and on top of your brother? Yet you still good! That’s some man shit, and I respect you for that.

Bradley: Ha-ha, thanks I guess. I mean it’s defiantly hard, but what could I have done? All I have left to do is carry on my family legacy, and I’m not going to do it by crying over my brother’s death.

Walter: Amen! The two men begin to laugh.


At the back of the bus Nadine, Nick, Angelica were chatting. Each one of them had their own seat, sitting in an acute triangle form.

Jay: What’s up?

Angelica: Nothing much, you?

Jay: Same, so what we talking about over here?

Nick: Nothing interesting.

Jay: Y’all telling me the three of you just acting normal?

Nadine: Ha-ha, isn’t everyone supposed to act normal?

Jay: Hey I’m just saying, I mean it be too boring here sometimes.

Angelica: I mean what are we supposed to do?

Jay: I don’t know, tell stories, gossip, whatever non-normal people do.

Nick: Who’s in Lionell’s car?

Nadine: Oh, it’s Lionell, Willow, Elena, and Alfred.

Jay: What, they having a double date or something?

Nick: Who knows if Alfred has tapped that yet! The two guys share a laugh, as the two girls roll their eyes.

Nadine: Eww, boy’s these days.

Nick: For your information we’re just cool like that.

Angelica: Yea, at least you guys think you are.


Willow: So we’re going to your old neighborhood?

Lionell: Yeah, so when you going to teach me dance?

Willow: Depends when we get there!

Elena: Aww, you guys are so cute!

Lionell: Ha-ha, whatever! I’m still waiting for you and Alfred to get together.

Alfred: Well Mrs. Future Bujnowski, trying to play hard. What do I got to do?

Elena: Just be patient, and I swear I give you a chance.

Alfred: Come on, I been patient for like 3 weeks, when you going to let me be yours?

Elena: Like I said well see!

Lionell: Y’all crazy, I think y’all guys will like Maryland. Theirs rumors that D.C. is good but I don’t know if they true.

Alfred: Well I’m getting a house with Elena.

Elena: Ha-ha you wish!

Willow: Y’all look cute thoe!

Elena: You’re not helping Willow! You and Lionell practically have sex like everywhere.

Lionell: Hey, that’s our business okay, Willow’s and our relationship is just that great.

Alfred: Elena and I gone be having sex 24/7! I’m just kidding!

Elena: Whatever dude! Elena playfully punches him on his shoulder


Bradley: How long we have left?

Walter: Uhm, at least four hours left.

Bradley: Damn, what am I supposed to for four hours?

Walter: Find something.

Bradley: Don’t you have any stories from high school you could tell me?

Walter: Yea I suppose so. So back when I was 17 or so, I had gotten my driver license the year before. So I was at the skating rank and stuff. It was about time to close, and I came out until this dude he came up to me, and asked me if I wanted to buy a car. I don’t remember exactly what type of car it was, but it was pretty nice. He asked if I wanted it for free, I was like fuck yea! So I told my friend I catch up with him later. I gave him the money, and drove back. Then on the way back I heard bumping in the trunk. So I stop to check it out. What do you know, there’s a guy in there, half past out. It took me a moment to process it, but I then realized that car was stolen. My dumb 17 year old stuff actually believe that man, so I parked the car in parking lot of Walgreens, left the air condition on, and had to call up my friend. Crazy stuff man!

Bradley: Ha-ha!!! That junk funny! Well did you ever find out what happened to the guy that stole the car?

Walter: Nope, I didn’t never see him again, glad I didn’t either, or I would have gone to jail for assault.

Bradley: Dang, your teen years must have been crazy!

Walter: Yea, I wish I could just go back and live it all over again!

Bradley: I’m pretty sure everyone would.

Walter: See, your life may feel lame, but trust me enjoy your time as a teen man.

Bradley: Yea, I’ll remember that man!


At the back of the bus Nick, Jay, Angelica, and Nadine are still chatting. Teague is asleep, and Greta is trying to make conversation with Mark.

Greta: See, we both saved each other.

Mark: Yea, yea, yeah, well here. Mark hands out her other pistol she gave him back at the mansion.

Greta: Oh, thanks! I forgot I even gave it to you!

Mark: Yea, well if you don’t mind, I’m going back to sleep.

Greta: Alright, Oscar the Grouch.

Mark pick a pillow that was on the ground next you him. He fluffs it out using both of his hands and sets it against the window. He proceeds to lie down, setting his feet into the isle; create a barrier you have to step over.


Elena: Seems like everyone is musically talented except for me in this car!

Alfred: Come on, you have to be good at something.

Elena: Trust me, playing the flute isn’t anything.

Willow: Hey, you’re not a bat flute player at that!

Elena: Well you can sing, Alfred can write and rap, and Lionell some freak of nature knowing how to play the piano and sing.

Lionell: Ha-ha, freak of nature?

Elena: Yea, a freak of nature.

Lionell: Yea, hard work and stuff, not to mention I know how to make beats.

Elena: Ugh of course you would, you know what would be disgusting?

Willow: You’re so random!

Elena: If you guys had sex in this car, and we’re just sitting in y’all filth.

Lionell and Willow stare at each other, and smile.

Lionell: Yea, totally would be weird, but we’re both healthy clean people.

Elena: Are you saying y’all did?

Lionell: No, I don’t know where you got that from.

Elena: Oh okay! Good!

Alfred: Aww shit. Lionell quickly shushes him and smiles.

Elena: What’s that about?

Lionell: No cursing in the car.

Alfred: Oh! My bad man, I didn’t mean to do that.


It’s still about night time. The moon is starting to come in view, as the sky is dark blue. Everyone is knocked out except for Mark, Teague, and Walter were awake on the bus. In the BMW, only Lionell and Willow were awake.

Lionell was still driving in front of the bus except this time he was in Maryland. Willow was half awake and half a sleep. On the bus, Walter let Mark drive, since he gotten some sleep, while Teague kept the two company.

Lionell came up too an entrance that read “Misty Forrest” He pulled forward until he was stopped by a giant wall. Lionell unwrapped his seat belt from his body and opened the door to his car.

Lionell: You coming babe?

Willow: Yea babe. Willow follows the same sequence as Lionell did.

The two walked out to be greeted by Walter, Teague, and Mark.

Walter: What the hell is this wall?

Lionell: I don’t know, you don’t think there are actually people living here?

Mark: Only one way, too find out.

Lionell and Mark come up to the tall wall waiting for someone to greet them.

Lionell: Hello! Anyone here?!

No one responds, until he hears footsteps come up the stairs from the other site. She begins walking towards them with a pistol on her waist. She reaches over, and her mouths drops as she covers her mouth with both of her hands.

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