Times Have Changed - Issue 25 of Beyond The DeadEdit

Lionell: Dessi!? Is that you!

Dessi: Oh my gosh! I thought you all we’re dead! Hold on, let me get the gate!

Everyone hopped back in their cars.

Dessi: Ryu come help me! Quick! Ryu a younger Filipino man, with black hair quickly ran up the stairs.

Ryu: What’s up?!

Dessi: I need your help turning this wheel!

Ryu: Why? Ryu looks over the wall and see the BMW and Bus.

Dessi: Those are the people I was telling you about, that saved me!

Ryu: Oh! Okay, you should have just said that in the first place. Ryu gripped on the wheel, and begin pulling it left. The wheel began to budge until the wall on the bottom begins to slide, creating enough space for the two vehicles to enter.

Lionell begin to pull up slowly, followed by the bus behind them. Lionell entered Misty Forrest slowly. In front of him, he seen very few people, on the side of the was a parking lot with at least over a dozen cars. Lionell drives the BMW at a slow but steady pace until he finally parked his car at the corner of the parking lot.


Lionell came out of the car, only to get a hug from Dessi, and the back was a girl with red highlights in her hair standing by her car listening to some pop music.

Dessi: Oh my gosh! I miss all of you guys!

Dessi let’s go of Lionell and gives a too Walter, then Paxtan. She looks around at everyone, and her eyes closes in.

Dessi: Where’s everyone else? Titus, Landan, Dee, Ajay? What the hell happened?!

Lionell: Oh, they didn’t make it…

Dessi: Oh, that’s unfortunate… So who’s everyone else?

Lionell: Oh, that’s Nadine, Nick, Teague, Mark, Greta and the people that were in my cars are Alfred, Elena and my girl-friend Willow! Lionell says as he points to every new member in the group.

Dessi: Oh! Well nice to meet all of you!

Lionell: Y’all stay here; I’m going to see about all of this! Everyone follows Lionell’s instructions and do their own things, as Lionell follows Dessi towards the biggest house in the neighborhood.

Lionell: So, who idea was it too builds this little empire? Lionell tucks his hands in his pockets.

Dessi: Look do not get angry but…

Lionell: But what?

Dessi: It’s Anthony’s idea!

Lionell: Wait, are you saying that he lives here? And help all these other people, and lives in that gigantic home?!

Dessi: Yea… but he is a changed man now Lionell!

Lionell: And how would you know that?

Dessi: Because I’m his girlfriend okay! If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t even be talking to you right now… All I’m asking Lionell, is that you two at least try to get along.

Lionell: Get along? What it’s just a bull shit act?!

Dessi: Lionell quit it! Can’t you just at least pretend you do?

Lionell: I don’t know, I want to chat with him first.

Dessi: Alright then, follow me.


Everyone is on the bus besides Nick, Jay, and Bradley.

Jay: How about the girls here?

Bradley: They alright… Nick?

Nick: Uhm, none of them catch my eye!

Jay: What about red head over there?

Bradley: Aye, she strait.

Nick: She look nice, I bet go talk to her!

Jay: Man, you just said no body caught your eye! Bradley and Jay laugh while Nick shakes his head.

Nick: Alright, by the end of the week she’s going to be mine!

Bradley and Jay sit on top of the hood of the BMW, and watch as Nick makes his way towards the red headed girl who is listening to a Katy Perry song.

Red headed girl: “I kissed a girl and I liked it!”

Nick: I kissed a girl before, and I liked it…

Red headed girl: Ha-ha, and what may your name be?

Nick: Oh-uh, Nick! And you’re?

Red headed girl: Kelsey! Are you with the group that just came?

Nick: Yea, how long have you been here?

Kelsey: Came to visit my friend Diamond, and I found peace here!

Nick: Oh, that’s pretty cool.

Kelsey: Hey, you’re really cute! You want to come to my house to get something to eat?

Nick: Wait, like as an a date?

Kelsey: Yea! Well are you coming or not?

Nick: Oh, yea! Let’s go! Nick and Kelsey begin to walk away.

Jay: Holy shit, he actually did it!

Bradley: Damn, I wasn’t even thinking he could do it! Ha-ha!

Jay: Aye look, they got a basketball game going on over there!

Bradley: Well let’s go then!


Jay: Ayo! Can we hop in? A younger black male steps forward.

Younger black male: Yea! We could use an extra person… Names? By the way you can call me Tron.

Jay: I’m Jay, and this is my home boy Bradley!

Tron: Wait! Holy shit, you're Bradley Carr! Alright guy's I call dibs on Bradley!

Bradley: Yo, you acting like I'm the only future pro here... Why would All-American SG, NaTron Bell!

Tron: Yo, you ranked top 100, I didn't do any of that!

Bradley: Ha-ha, thanks!

Jay: Man that ain't fair, I call captain!

NaTron: Pecks, you second captain then!


Mark: Man, there better not be any crazy bastards here.

Teague: What do you mean?

Mark: Is the little girl still sleeping?

Greta: Oh yea, she’s knocked out.

Mark: Well yea, people like Titus… If it weren’t for him trying to fix that damn fence, people like Landan would still be alive.

Greta: Aww, is Mark getting feelings now?

Mark: No, Mark isn’t getting any feelings… And Mark just knows when there is crazy.

Greta: Greta wants to know why we’re talking in third person.

Teague: What the fuck? We’re fucking weird.

Greta: Ha-ha! Whatever, it’s the apocalypse! We’re your new family now.

Teague: I think I want a new apocalypse family! Teague and Greta begin to laugh, and Mark even pushes out a grind.

Teague: Oh my gosh! Mark is actually happy!

Mark: Oh lord… Don’t tell me you’re on it too…

Teague: I’m just playing bud!  Want some beer? Teague gets up slowly and walks towards the cooler too the back.

Mark: Hell yea! Just toss one over here. Teague tosses the beer that reads “Bud Light” and Mark is able to catch it.

Greta: What makes you think I don’t want one?

Mark: You’re too little girl. Mark takes a large sip from the Bud Light.

Greta: Too little?

Teague: Yep too little. You may be able to shoot a gun, but you’re not there yet!

Greta: Toss me one now!

Teague: Alright, cool your cats’ woman! Teague tosses her one.

Mark: Wow, your face just doesn’t match the personality does it?

Greta: Trust me; you haven’t even seen it all!

Teague: I don’t think I want to see it all anyways! Teague and Mark begin too chuckle as they take sips from their beer.

Greta: Oh you guys!


Lionell: Since when did you start shooting weapons? Lionell looks at her belt that has a gun holster with a black pistol in it.

Dessi: When I first got her actually… I asked Anthony if he’ll teach me.

Lionell: You know I could have taught you? I don’t know why you didn’t just ask me…

Dessi: What I mean, is that a problem?

Lionell: Oh no, I was just saying… So what happen with Lexi?

Dessi: Oh, she’s alright! She actually helps cook!

Lionell: Oh, that’s pretty cool! Lionell opens his mouth until he hears a girl scream towards him.

Girl: Lino!!! She begins to run towards him real fast with her arms open.

Lionell: Oh shit! Diamond, my sister!!! The two exchange a big hug.

Diamond: Oh my gosh! I can’t believe you’re here!

Lionell: Yea, I can’t believe you’re here either!

Diamond: Dessi told me that y’all guys were actually together for a little bit!

Dessi: Uhm, let’s not talk about that here Diamond…

Diamond: Oh! Well if you ever need advice just come back to me Lino, like old times!

Lionell: Of course! Diamond walks back to her destination.

Lionell: Well that was kind of awkward.

Dessi: Yea…

Lionell: Big house… Lionell looks up at the large till and red house.

Dessi: Alright, well we’re here… You ready to go in?

Lionell: Yea, let’s go…

Dessi slowly turns the knob. Inside is a man facing the fireplace with a Lion rug in front of him. From the back Lionell could tell one of his legs were crossed over the other. The man held a cigar that had grey clear smoke blowing from it.

Dessi: Babe, we have a visitor.

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