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  • JoPo108

    28 Days Left Announcement

    February 2, 2017 by JoPo108


    So some of you might remember that I started a comic a year and a half ago which I didn't have the time to keep up with, I managed to make 3 issues before being unable to continue.

    Since then I have started making audio stoies on my YouTube channel. They have been small stories of a single character talking about an experiance they have been through. I have finally got round to writing a story I've had in my head for a few years. It's my conclusion to 28 Days Later & 28 Weeks Later. I've called it 28 Days Left. I've written the script and currently have voice actors recording the lines.

    I thought I should post an annoucment letting people know about this. I currently don't have a release date since I'm not sure how long it would take me t…

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  • EasternSky

    This is my first blog. For Chapter 5 of Darkness Unbound, you get to vote on which In The End character will be revived. This is something completely new that has never happened before! Now, let's get voting.

    • This poll was originally on the Darkness Unbound page, but I moved it to a blog because I thought it would attract more people that way.

    Who should be revived for the Act 1 finale? Ashley Noah Ember Ian Victor Harrison Riley Ronny Kelly

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  • Hallowseve97

    An Unexpected Return

    February 9, 2016 by Hallowseve97

    Greetings, friends! Hallowseve here with some major news.

    HIS SPIRIT LINGERS ON - While doing his daily routine of checking the wiki, Hallowseve makes a shocking discovery. After what feels like years of an absence, a very important figure in the wiki's creation briefly resurfaced. The user, known as Crosider, revealed his still lingering cyber spirit remains here, as he was seen in chat. Look at the photo for proof.

    That concludes our news for the week of February 9th, 2016. Stick around and look forward to the next newsletter releasing soon™.

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  • Daryl Maylam

    Hey guys I here to celebrate my Third Year on this wiki, yes I know that I'm not a very active but now I trying to get back to what I was like when I joined full of energy and ready to write.

    I like to thank the many people I have met throughout my 3 years: Johnno, TheInfected, Fitz, Pops :3, Cros (AKA: Crabbit), Nathan's many,many accounts, Vause, Hallowseve, Cperez, Max, Kaffe and Purry sorry if I missed some of you guys out but there are too many to count including the ones who have a tiny bit of activity then disappearing.

    And now I have officially finished my First offically completed story I am ready to go back to doing a range of issues in a month as you seen through my recent explosion in activity.

    Here's to many more years on being a…

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  • Nadirgme1o2

    Let's Play A Game

    February 1, 2016 by Nadirgme1o2

    Hello my friends. Let's play a little game.

    I've been around for a long time. I've been in your chatrooms, watching in the shadows. My true identity is of someone who has been on this wiki as an author for a long time. My gender is something that you will have to find out on your own.

    I've been an author on here for at least 2 years, in the form of another account. I have a story on here that is a WIP. In the meantime, I invite you to a hunt for my identity for puzzles that shall be released frequently.

    Maybe I'm WalkerBait22/Vauseman, the creator of Dead Frontier and The New Nationals

    Maybe I'm TheInfectedt, otherwise known as Danny.

    Or perhaps I'm someone who has been gone for much longer, such as NAGMILLUM?

    This should be fun.

    • NOTE*: Yes guys,…
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  • TheInfected

    UFSW Awards 2015

    January 1, 2016 by TheInfected

    YOO MY NIGGUHS. So, it be that time of year again. First off, happy news years eve! 2016 HERE WE COME WOOO. So, yeah, that time again, as you might have read by the title. The Awards! So, they're pretty much same as last year with a few merged/removed/added categories. This year the judges will be me, Fitz0021JayBaee, PBR and Walkerbait22Adrien. So, let's not waste time! I'll list a few simple rules, then categories, k? Oh and noms will go on for a while so people can catch up on shit so don't worry bout dat. Now lezz go.

    1. Nominations must be stuff relevant to this year. So, for example, don't nominate Dead Frontier, Fear The Living, as they ended.
    2. You can do TWO SELF NOMINATIONS.

    ALSO, the polls down there are just for fun haha.


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  • TheInfected

    UFSW Drinking Games

    December 30, 2015 by TheInfected

    Long story short, me and adrien got bored and created UFSW DRINKING GAMES. Enjoy af, and don't worry, moar will come. *glances at ALRTF* (trolls)

    ENDANGERED (By Adrien)

    Take a drink when:

    • Danny breaks the 4th wall
    • Dre and McCoy have bromance moment
      • Drink twice if they talk about their parents
    • Lara has sex
    • MikeMike thinks about sex
    • Sex
    • Tate cries about Destinee
      • Drink twice if MikeMike is present
    • Jake Ryker eerily resembles Adolf Hitler
    • Sarah is insecure
    • Danny makes a typo
      • Drink twice if you reread the sentence and you still don't know what he meant
    • Vicky gets slapped
    • MikeMike drinks Coke
    • Vicky and Lara playfully call each other bitch
    • Reyes has to make a morally ambiguous choice
    • Joel is a giant fgt
    • Danny describes the Philly skyline
    • James and MikeMike argue over …
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  • Snape4444

    Whenever I type or even press a button on this website, the screen scrolls down.  This is really annoying because I would rather see what I'm typing rather than what I have already typed.  Is this normal or is there something with the site that needs to be fixed?

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  • JoPo108

    Expired Life Issue 3

    November 4, 2015 by JoPo108

    Here you go guys, the third issue of the first volume. This means we've hit the halfway point, only three more issues to go until volume one is completed. By the looks of things after volume one I will take a break to get ahead of volume two, not sure how long that break will be but i will keep you informed.

    Now, I got to go and continue Issue 4. Hope you guys are enjoying what I've created so far.

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  • KnowledgeProspector

    As a writing community, I've come to notice the single genre we've set ourselves and how limited we are to it. I know at least two or more people here write on other genres aside from undead fiction. I thought one day how nice it would be to share your other work in a community that's already established, in hopes of sparking inspiration from another source. I'm partly announcing this in hopes that it will help the existing writers here, and maybe encourage other users to join us.

    I think it's about time for us to not stick to the wiki's namesake too strictly--but we shouldn't just throw it aside, either. This wiki already has a fair share of mainstay zombie fiction, so now we hope to open the flood gates to other genres.

    Non-undead stories wi…

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  • Cperez13

    Character Auditions!

    October 18, 2015 by Cperez13

    As the title points out, I have decided to hold a character audition thingy for an upcoming story of mine called World of Power because I’ve been running out of ideas for characters. As of right now I’m not sure how many characters I’ll need but feel free to make more than one if you want to.

    So the story itself is set roughly 25 years after my current story’s end in approximately the year 2041 (because WoA will most likely end in the year 2016). By this time the world has already been somewhat rebuilt and stuff. Most of the countries and stuff are now city-states. The main city-state the story (mostly) takes place in is one called Cimmerian City. Now Cimmerian City is the biggest one in what was formerly the United States of America and is…

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  • JoPo108

    Expired Life Issue 2

    October 6, 2015 by JoPo108

    Hope you guys enjoyed issue 1 and here's hoping you continue liking Expired Life. Thank yous for your support and if you could get the word out about my comic that would be amazing. I will do my best to keep these coming every month so if someone finds out about these in a couple of months then they would have a backlog to catch up on. See you guys next month.

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  • NOStalgic

    Stories Interviews

    September 30, 2015 by NOStalgic



    1. Where and How will this be recorded? It'll be recorded from my end, using a program I downloaded. The recordings will be over Skype.
    2. Where will the uploadings be uploaded? The recordings will be uploaded on Soundcloud, and be put on this page . 
    3. What are the interviews about? The intervies themselves, are for stories only. 
    4. How long will the interviews be? The interview lengths vary depending on how much stuff will be covered. It's possible for interviews to be around five minutes. 
    5. How often will interviews be uploaded? As of now, the plan is one interview per week; although there's no set date when interviews will be released.

    Interview Order List

    1. Danny
    2. PBR
    3. Adrien
    4. Johno
    5. Fitz
    6. ?
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  • Walker456

    So...Im back in this wiki xD

    So, I recently came back to the wiki to check on how things are doing. I've been here a few years ago with a story called "Rise of the Dead", and Im feeling a bit nostalgia right now.

    So, the reason why the original Rise of the Dead didnt work was because I had no time. I now have plenty of time, and decided that it will be rebooted. Ill be posting it here and on Wattpad , and it will be better...hopefully. So I'll be creating the first 5 chapters for a few weeks, then post them weekly. Ill just update on that as soon as I can. So, I need characters. Mostly background but have story. They can die, might die, and will surely die. Just 4-5 people. Might add up.

    So yeah, Suggestions comments below.

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  • ALinkToThePasta

    Heaven is Hell update

    September 16, 2015 by ALinkToThePasta

    Hey there it's me ALinkToThePasta I'm writng blog top kek

    as you know by now the story is about a safe zone in the apocalypse, the safe zone is controlled by an ex-crime leader and a man who used to be a detective before the infection deicdes he needs to take them down, but what will be in the first issue?

    Well the issue will be at least 1k - 4k words (I'll try), that's why every volume will be 6 issues, because main arcs will be closed as the issues will be very long (thanks Danny).

    characters that will have long arcs are the main protagonist Mark and the antagonist Arnold Sionis (very original name btw).

    by long arcs I mean untill the end, as this story will have nothing left when the crime in the safe zone will drop dead.

    other characters wi…

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  • JoPo108

    Expired Life Issue 1

    September 2, 2015 by JoPo108

    Ok guys. It's finally here, my comic Expired Life. I hope you guys (and Gals) enjoy the first issue while i'm currently hard at work on getting issue 2 finished. I'm having problems setting up a download link so I've done it through my dropbox so it's released on time. I used the app "Comix" to read comics which you can get from the apps store. Below i have included the link to the comic and i am also doing a replying to messages section in the comic so feel free to contact me and your messages might get published. Hope it's been worth and feel free to check out my other work.

    Contact me -

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  • JoPo108

    On Thursday 3rd September 2015 I will release the first issue of my comic "Expired Life" which has spent 2 years in pre-production. The first ssue is currently completed and i'm hard at work with issue 2 and other projects i'm working on. I have included the cover for Issue 2 to the right (or above if you're on your phone) for the countdown.

    The issues will be released on my website (link at the bottom) for free. I will make a blog next week informing people of the release and on the roamers and lurkers site. If you guys have any ideas how i can spread the word of my comic write them in the comics below.

    Hope you guys can survive the wait till next Thursday.

    Website -

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  • BulletRefutation

    good b y e

    August 17, 2015 by BulletRefutation

    i am LEAVING ufsw for one BIG reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL NEVER CO ME BACKCKCKCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BC FITZ IS HASHTAG R00D!!!!!!!! MY HEART HAS BEEN SHATTERED!!!! I AM GONE!!!!!! 

    honorable mentions::

    • baitdrien
    • 2% milk
    • pawps
    • taco del mar
    • tree
    • ever1 else

    b ye 

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  • JoPo108

    As some of you might be aware I am creating my own comic about the zombie apocalypse which I plan to release on the 3rd September, four weeks today. Just to give you guys an idea where i'm at I've done 99% of the first issue, the only time i have to include is the cover for the second issue. In the next four weeks i'm hoping to have finished issue 3 so i'm ahead by a bit. I am also hoping that a can continue with the second volume straight after the first. I also hope it's not hyped up too much becuase then it can't live up to the hype. and as a teser i have included a page from the comic below.


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  • NOStalgic

    Mafia Chat Game!

    July 25, 2015 by NOStalgic

    Hey Guys! So recently I was watching a video created by JustKiddingFilms which is right here -->

    Anyways, what if we did a version of Mafia on chat? :) How would we do this? Simple. Plus essentially it's Town of Salem sooo lol.

    Here's how we play. (depending on how many members and participants we have,)

    1. First, there is a game-master. This game master is the person who will move the game forward, and will be the person who mafia, and cop pm too.
    2. The next step is the number roles, I would like to at least get 6+ participants to make the game work better. Depending on the ammount of players, will also depend on the amount of mafs, civis, and other neatural roles.
    3. During day time, the town will be speak…
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  • Maxwestt

    Hey guys!

    As some of you will remember, 8 of our users competed in a game of Survivor a whila ago. Now, it has come to my attention that there might be more people wanting to do this? If you're interested, leave a comment, and we'll see what we can do. Any ideas, shoot a PM or a message. Thanks!

    - Max

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  • Stanley1007

    Hello everybody,

    The new season from Dark World is coming up. You can find it here: Dark World .

    I love writing it and in Dutch i have written 8 seasons and one spin-off. i'm planning on writing a 9th one, but i'm very busy, because i'm making a movie in Holland. So i don't write a lot now, but i can translate everything. I'm planning to translate the whole story for you, but it can cost some time. I hope you al can just wait for that. :P

    If you haven't red the first Season there are a lot of spoilers below. You can just go and read it.


    A new character is coming up and i love this character. Julian Morris is playing the role of Matthew this season. He's the only new character that is coming this season.

    A lot is going to happen this s…

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  • JoPo108

    Hi guys just to give you an update that the first issue of Expired Life should meet the release date of 3rd September. As a gift to tide you guys over i have included the first page of the comic. Enjoy and feel free to ask me any questions.

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  • Vauseman

    Apparently some people want to read the original Paradise Lost so here are a few issues hehe:

    ISSUE 1:

    "Jack, we haven't found any food for days. What are we gonna do?" "I'll figure it out," Jack says to his sister.. "Just give me time." I hope I'll figure it out, Jack thinks. They've been on the road for 2 months since the outbreak started: Jack, his little sister Anna, his daughter Emily, and Anna's boyfriend Felix. Food has been the main priority, but anything that's edible is extremely scarce. "But, we're going to starv-" Anna starts. "I said I'll figure it out, alright?" Jack says with an edge to his voice. "Hey, keep it down," Felix whispers. "Emily's sleeping." At that, Emily stirs in the backseat, rubbing her eyes. "Well, not anymore…

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  • Petrosmpak

    New Story

    June 15, 2015 by Petrosmpak

    Hi guys,

    I am writing this blog to introduce you to my new story, Dystopia: An Ode to Humanity.

    It is a post apocalyptic story (as usual) where zombies, or zombie-like creatures are present and civilization is no more. Zombies (leechers as they are ccalled, won't be the only threat though. More will follow, with humans being one of the greatest among them. I don't want to say much more, more info is available in the story page. 

    Of course feel free to leave any reply or comment is you read the story (or even if you don't). Thank you for your time, I hope you like Dystopia: An Ode to Humanity

    Dystopia An Ode to Humanity

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  • Afterlife34


    June 9, 2015 by Afterlife34

    Hello people  reading this it is I The Reverend and i'm here to tell you that i'm canceling Nation in Ruins but whovever wants to adopt the story can. I won't be writing any other stories on this wikia but I will be reading stories.

    Now I know most of you won't care about thise because i'm not an important user.

    So yeah, bye everyone.

    -The Reverend

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  • Daryl Maylam

    Hey Guys Daryl Maylam Here and this a blog post about some pointers on my story I'm writing as it's nearing the end of the first part of a Six Part Series I need some pointers on how good it is and if I need to add a little bit more to my final entries.

    But since I had no comments on any of the issues as far as I'm aware of I don't know if people read it or not it is This Is My Story and it's the first part of a six part series and I've written about 10 issues.

    This Is Daryl Maylam Signing Out PEACE!!!

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  • NOStalgic

       Hey guys, it's NOStalgic, AKA Mali, AKA Ken, AKA Warfare, AKA Pimp (according to Pops)

    I was thinking earlier, and I know I'm not the only one on the wiki that has had the same thoughts, but what ideas, and suggestions could we do that be fun for the whole community? Or just things that will generally help the wiki become much better and organized.

    First hand, I like to say a few ideas I've had in mind. The first one, is I think another writing competition should be in the talks! Especially since we have had so many new users join, who didn't have the opportunity to compete in the previous ones. 

    Also, I like to say I love all the community stories that we've been creating, and enhancing the experience for our users here at UFSW, so if you…

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  • Thesaboteur7

    Okay hey guys, girls and SPECIAL GUEST STAR Pops!

    I really need you awesome people to answer these questions regarding preferences (yes, they are very crappy questions), but I need these answers for There Will Be Blood. (I have started writing yas!) You don't need to answer honestly to some questions if you don't want to, but if you say your favourite flavour of chips is manure, then get ready for your character to dig in! :)



    Gender (Cuz Purry may be a guy for all we know (; ) :

    Hair Colour:

    Eye Colour:

    Glasses? :

    Favourite Jumper:

    Favourite Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner:

    Favourite Drink:

    Any other information:
















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  • Daryl Maylam

    Wow I just had a look on my profile and found out I've been on this wiki since Feb 2013.

    Since I've been on this wiki I have seen people come and go mainly Nathan and his other profiles and seen really good story just stop and get deleted on this wiki it's been a long ride and finally I have a story which I've kept active for as long as I can.

    Writer's Block hits me often but I carry on because this community is amazing thank you for being there for me and I will stay here as long as possible.

    This Is Daryl Maylam Signing Peace

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  • Thesaboteur7

    I Call Upon Ye

    May 24, 2015 by Thesaboteur7

    Hey guys!!

    As I am sure you have seen this smexy page: There Will Be Blood, I require your assistance.

    A large number of the characters featured in this here story, will be users from the wiki.

    This is my first wiki-based story (kinda like UFSW Civil War and Pokemans), but instead of characters based on users, I will be using actual users (okay that kind of sounds the same, why do I suck at explanations??).

    What I mean, is that instead of having a character based on myself, for example, my counterpart would have the same name I do in real life and be occasionally called by "Thesaboteur7" bc that is my wikia username. And wikia is canon.

    I definately suck at explaining.

    So I call upon the following to let me know if they are okay with being in di…

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  • Headaches

    On the 21st of February 2012, twenty-six year old police constable James Bailey went to sleep in his bachelor pad, in southern England.

    On the 23rd May 2015, the following morning, he woke up in a hospital bed in Wilful Hills with no clothes, no money, no ID.

    Upon leaving the hospital, PC James Bailey discovered that Wilful Hills was a town that had banded together as a community in the midst of a sudden zombie apocalypse. The small town had a set of rules:

    1. Do not discuss the past.

    2. Do not try to leave.

    3. Always answer the phone when it rings.

    4. Always obey the speaker.

    James felt like he was going crazy. Every single resident of Wilful Hills was very suspicious. To him, their distress was obvious to see. They obeyed the rules in fear of t…

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  • BulletRefutation

    As you all should know, TUFF has met its end and is no longer gonna be written. And with a scrap comes many questions (I presume). Before we go onto that, I just wanna thank y'all for supporting me and reading it (despite how shitty it was). I really appreciate it! You guys rock!

    This blog is dedicated to you asking anything you wanted to know about TUFF. I don't even know if I should consider this blog spoilery or not but if you wanna read to the latest Chapter and then read the answers below, then go for it.

    Ya so ask away :3

    (Short blog ik but is there much for me to say?)

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  • Headaches

    SNL is back!

    April 19, 2015 by Headaches

    ...and it's got more action than ever! After four months of silence, Surviving, Not Living is back with an issue consisting of five thousand, one hundred and eighty-seven words of character development, action and bitchy one-liners. You can read it here !

    I'm not sure if anyone still reads SNL so I guess this acts as a sort of promotion too. Also, I've been taking creative writing classes and have learnt about perspective. I used it a lot in this issue to tell the story from the viewpoint of a character, while still keeping the story in third person.

    A final note - does anyone know if you can/how to change your username on Wikia? Seriously, my username is Headaches. Why did I call myself that in the first place?

    That's all. Ciao.

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  • TWDFan630

    Hello Everyone. I renamed this blog to the current title. I'm confirming that some major and maybe a few main characters are possibly going to die.

    He's the Daryl Dixon of the main group, and he's ruthless, but is it his time for his demise? Maybe. He's starting to be distant from his original self, and killing him off would give more of a storyline for some other characters.

    Chances: 8/10, 80%

    He's the current main antagonist of Chapter 2. He's feared by everyone, but will his death come soon? Yeah, but when? He's confirmed to die either in this chapter or possibly in Chapter 3 or maybe Chapter 4.

    Chances: 9.5/10, 95%

    She gave birth to her and Nathan's child, Alfredo III. Could she die soon? Most likely not. She has a good amount of room for d…

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  • Afterlife34
    • Name:(It could be a full name, first name, last name, or just a nickname)
    • Date of Birth:(the story starts on the year 2033)
    • Occupation:(before and after the apocalypse)
    • Family: (inculde ages, if alive/unknown/deceased, you may also create these characters)
    • Status: 
    • Personality: (brief description)
    • Alignment: (good, netural or bad)
    • Backstory: (as much detail as you want)
    • Extra Information:

    This character auditions are based on another character auditions on this Wiki so creds to whover made it( I forgot who made it)

    If you want to help you're welcome to, you could make more that 1 characters just in different comments

    If you do choose to help thank you :)

    -Afterlife34 a.k.a Plague

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  • Thesaboteur7

    OMG ITS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Howdy, folks. I'm your new, local jackass thatcan't make a Wikia page for sh*t. 

    Anyways, I'm currently cooking up my first ever story on this site--and it will hopefully be better than the Wikia pages--and I do have the season laid out in front of me; I know 110% what the finale is gonna be and where the characters will be, but I honestly thought it'd be fun to include some of y'all characters in it as well! 

    Aight, I am a Noob; not just to this site, but at Wikia, so if I f*ck up on anything in this blog, yell at me below. 

    What I need filled out; 

    • Name - Can be anything from their Full-name to just first name. Nicknames are fine, too!                    

    Example: William Doc "Billy Badass" Green

    • Age - Year in the story is 2014. Month is March…
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  • TWDFan630

    Hey everyone. This is TWDFan630 with another blog here. Yes, based on the title, I have some good me, they're great news.

    1. Girlfriend(s)
      1. My cousin helps me out, and got some single girls, and not one, but at least two girls want to go out with me.
      2. There's more girls that my cousin request towards them that are at least average, and they all are single.
    2. My arm is better
      1. I don't have to wear a arm wrap anymore.
      2. I get to type on my keyboard a lot easier now.
    3. My achievements
      1. I'm close to beating some, which is very minor to some users here.
      2. I'm not trying to cheat on here, so shut it about that if you're thinking of saying it.

    I'd like to thank everyone for giving me another chance on here. My past mistakes will be remembers as my mistakes in …

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  • Thesaboteur7

    Is there going to be a rotation or are Carter and Dead Frontier just that fab?

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  • BulletRefutation

    Hai friends! So I completed Volume 1 of UFSW Pokemon, a story that I write featuring many of the users of UFSW. I feel like this is my most successful work to date :3. This blog is dedicated to you asking me questions about the series or whatveer you want I guess.

    If questions are repeated, I'll just copy and paste a response I gave from the same earlier question. 

    I also wanna take this moment to say thank you for reading :3 I hope you enjoy it right now, and I can assure you that there will be more huge events to come (including some bloodshed ;D)

    This blog will most likely be full of spoilers so if you haven't read/caught up, I suggest you avoid the blog.

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  • KnowledgeProspector

    If some of you are still in the dark with the weird shit going on yesterday, it's obviously an April Fools joke orchestrated by me, a guy who can edit the front page, banner, and community box. I didn't wanna miss this year's on-wiki april fools so yeah I just went crazy.

    Notable helpers would be the Manwhore, Wyet Tatertots, aaaaaand that's about it. I done also tampered with my following pages:

    • Alien
    • Seth Rogen
    • Grunkle Stan

    I'ma revert those soon so soak it in.

    But wait! There are more pages out there that have been altered. Help me/us find it, pls (this is also just to list them for future reference)

    The Manwhore's pages:

    • um
    • kanye
    • damn pbr how many more
    • A bunch of ALRTF pages
    • And more

    Wyet Tatertots' pages:

    • rosita
    • abe
    • And more

    It was fun (for me), but w…

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  • TWDFan630

    Hello Everyone. This is TWDFan630 aka Nathan. I got some bad news. I got really hurt this week. Yes, It's severe. During my weight lifting class, the teacher made me power clean a lot of weight, which soon after caused my left wrist to start hurting. The injury caused me to be out of the class for at least 3 weeks. I found out that I sprained my wrist.(It's near being broke for real)

    Fun Fact:

    • When someone is hurt, the teacher gets pissed at the person.(If he does that to me, I'll be pissed off at him)

    Have a good day, and please no mean comments.

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  • BulletRefutation

    Hai, friends! As you all know I am writing UFSW Pokemon, a story about users from all over the wiki who appear in a, what essentially is, Pokemon fanfiction with a little remix to it :3

    If you have not heard of it, UFSWP centralises around a group of five or six trainers who are going on a journey around the region of Sexeca (I got this name from a RNG). The main protagonist, Mike PBR (based off of PBR), has a purpose--to find the man who he knows killed his father: Kambrien (based off of KP). Accompanying him are Luke Pops (based off of Pops), Zain (me), and Karen (genderbend of Killer), and two others who are not based off of anyone. Along this journey, the NLO vs Wyet conflict crosses the rubicon and who knows what will unfold. Maybe the…

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  • Ghost Hunter 85


    March 24, 2015 by Ghost Hunter 85

    Here is my thanks to the people that wished me a happy birthday.

    • Zedhead22
    • Maxwestt
    • KP
    • PBR Sharpshoot
    • Thesaboteur
    • NOStalgic
    • Vauseman
    Read more >
  • Thesaboteur7

    Please take a moment of silence in honour of this historical moment of awesomeness!

    Read more >
  • WalkerMage102

    Godamn this simulator is fun in chat, so I'm just gonna do this now, in the comments post whatever type of Hunger games your hosting and at what time it'll be starting (I.E. Heroes of UFSW at 11 PM EST)

    Have fun and look towards a bright new communtiy activity

    UFSW Heroes VS Villains (Hosted by: Mage, 36 Tributes)

    Scrapped Stories (Hosted by: Mage; Winner: UFSW Hunger Games 2, 24 Tributes)

    Heroes of UFSW (Hosted by: Mage; Winner: Teresa Burch; World of Anarchy, 24 Tributes)

    The Villains of UFSW Rise (Hosted by: Infected/Danneh; Winner: Omisha; The Unforgettable face; 24 Tributes

    Read more >
  • TheInfected

    So, as to those who were on chat last night, dat Hunger Games simulator was so fun, right? omggg. So, instead of writing like I should, I did one with the villains of UFSW. So, here are the contestants.

    • Suckadikis runs away from the Cornucopia
    • Amon runs away from the Cornucopia.
    • Hot af Gabe shoots an arrow into fucking Carlos's head.
    • Brock snaps Dat Riley's neck.
    • Wolf runs away from the Cornucopia.
    • Davie runs into the cornucopia and hides.
    • Kanguro finds a bag full of explosives.
    • Fgtackerman, Ben, Midnight, and Roxie share everything they gathered before running.
    • Red grabs a sword.
    • Gloria the Devil runs away from the Cornucopia.
    • Omisha grabs a backpack, not realizing it is empty.
    • Evan finds a canteen full of water.
    • Fgtaniel clutches a first aid kit and …

    Read more >
  • KnowledgeProspector

    This is for the peeps who knew that I was updating it, so there, you can have a better look. This one is unfiltered and not retouched, unlike the one in the front page.




    SPOT THE [story name here] CHARACTERS!



    I am willing to make variations, but I'll probs just ask some other peeps to do that, but yeah there you go.

    Read more >

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