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Bobby Wilson
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Georgia, USA
Michelle (Mother)

David (Father)

Amelia (Half-Sister)
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 Robert "Bobby" Wilson is a main character in Surviving, Not Livingoften considered to be the protagonist.



Bobby knows nothing about life before the apocalypse. He was born in the pilot issue, three months into the apocalypse.

Volume 1Edit

Robert Evan Wilson is born to Michelle and David Wilson, three months into the apocalypse. He is delivered in the back of a Ranger Rover by Sarah Daniels, in the company of his half-sister, Amelia. Around twenty years later, Bobby is now a fully-grown man. He is living in a house with Amelia and Sarah. His mother and father are nowhere to be seen. Bobby's relationship with Sarah is strained - she feels responsible for David and Michelle's deaths, an event that Bobby has very little information about.

One day, Sarah, Amelia and Bobby go out onto the highway in search of gas. The three are seperated by infected and do not find each other until nightfall. Bobby rescues Amelia first, clearing the infected that surround a RV that she is sheltering in. The pair then team up to save Sarah, finding her deep in the forest.

Volume 2Edit

Killed VictimsEdit



Bobby is a nice, friendly, funny, genuine guy who also happens to be an amazing fighter.


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