Bowen is a character that appears in Apocalypse Life.


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The First NightEdit

Mathis, her fiancé, has asked her to stay in the library for safety. Constantly worried, she awaits for Mathis's return in his quest to save other survivors. The only survivor she and her fiancé ever encountered was Julius, who returned with Mathis and Officer Graham, the security guard for the library. At some point, Alice also came into the picture.

She is first encountered watching a live newscast on a television, visibly weeping while at it. She showed that she stuck to Mathis no matter what, following his orders without question.

In their discussion of plans, she suggested for Julius to come with them in leaving the town. Upon their escape, she was the one to start the car. She and Mathis successfully went through with their plans, helping Julius find a vehicle for himself while at it.


Much like her fiancé, Bowen is not easily trusting of other strangers. Still, she is willing to give any other person a chance, especially in a different world like this. She isn't proficient in any form of combat, but is willing to learn, so long as she has something to learn from. She has a very limited experience in the medical field, and has wished she learned more from it.


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Bowen dearly loves Mathis, and appreciates him for being concerned about her safety. She always stays beside Mathis no matter what, and will stick with him until the end.


  • Bowen was originally going to have a heavily emotional friend with her, who would somewhat weigh the group down to a brief extent.
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