Brady Bodin
Portrayed by Logan Lerman
Status Dead
Age 16
Gender Male
First Seen Instability
Last Seen Sarah (mentioned)
Death Stabbed by Hannah Fleetwood
Relations Charlie Bodin (father, deceased)

Brady Bodin was a minor, but important, character in Dead Frontier.


Brady's father was Charlie Bodin. He also had a mother; she died during Brady's birth. Despite that unfortunate circumstance, Brady and his father were very close. Their differing personalities occasionally led to disputes, but they still cared for each other greatly.


Charlie, Brady, and one of Charlie's best friends, Dex Sasaki, holed up their home during the initial days of the outbreak. But, when they soon ran out of food and each day the neighborhood became more clogged with infected, they took to the road. Tensions were high between the three and food was scarce when they met a man on the road, who offered to take the three to a mysterious location in the forest. Starving, they agreed, and were led to a large area with attractive cabins. Other people inhabited the place as well, but only men; they soon learned that was the rule. No women, no boys under 12, no disabled. Brady wasn't initially keen on the idea, but with nowhere to go and his father's enthusiasm about the place, he had no choice but to stay.

After a few months in the camp, and becoming accustomed to his father's rule, there was a helicopter crash not very far from where they stayed. Brady was ordered by his dad to come with and observe, and Brady reluctantly agreed. They came across a crashed aircraft from the Air Force group residing at O'Hare, led by Abram Welsh. Charlie attempted to persuade his son to put one of the dying airmen in the helicopter out of their misery, but before Brady could do so, Adam yelped in the woods at the sight of an infected, alerting Charlie's group of he and the other airport survivors location in the forest. While going to investigate, Brady was stabbed in the chest by Hannah, for she thought he was a threat. Brady died in the hands of Paul Godman, who felt a large amount of guilt for not being able to save the boy. Brady's death was the main catalyst for the conflict between the airport and Charlie's group.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Small amount of infected.


  • Although only appearing in a few issues, Brady is an imporant character in the series, as his death was a main catalyst between the airport and the Bodin camp's conflict.
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