Bryce Easton





Blair Easton (daughter)



First seen

"The Mourning After"

Appeared in

10 episodes

Portrayed by

Liam Cunningham

Eden Rising

Bryce Easton is a recurring character introduced in the third season of Eden Rising. Bryce is a rich member of Eden's former council, who finds his power stripped by a new Council instilled following the capture of Séverine Bangalter. He shares a complicated and incredibly uneasy relationship with his daughter Blair.


Bryce has always lived a life of superiority, and he has intended to keep it that way at all costs. When his alpha male status is threatened, Bryce feels an intense sense of pride that forces him to protect it. He is often seen as a capricious brute, as he is known for his moments of well-to-do and nuanced temperament suddenly taking a turn for the worst in violent outbursts.

His love for his daughter is often never exerted, as he is never one to really open up and share his feelings. Deep down, everything Bryce does is to protect Blair, but he would never have her hear him say that, as he was raised by his father to feel that emotions such as love were signs of weakness and violence and anger were his only outlets. As a guy with barely any filter, it is an intimidating prospect to confront and challenge Bryce, so he makes very little outspoken enemies but many silent ones.


Not much is known about Bryce's past, other than that he was raised by an abusive father.

He is a rich man who is one of Eden's elite, and has a daughter named Blair, with whom he has an uneasy relationship.

While the majority of Eden's able-bodied men and women assembled outside the dome to protect their home from an impending attack by The Serpent, Bryce and his rich friends of Eden's political council made comments as Anton arrived to try and recruit them. He called them selfish and after some issues, things turned physical. Anton drowned away his sorrows at the nearby bar in his anger that people can't even step up to defend their own home, not knowing that the attractive bartender was Bryce's daughter, Blair.

After recruiting Blair outside and teaching her to fight, Anton was approached by Bryce again, who tried to attack Anton. His own daughter hit him upside the head and knocked Bryce unconscious. He was later tied up to prevent him attacking anyone again. He survived the events of the finale.

Bryce will return in season 4, angry when his power as a member of the council is stripped of him.


Season Three appearances
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Tomorrow It's Turtles All the Way Down and the Bottom Is Oh-So Close Funeral The Mourning After Serpentine Fire
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