Carly Jaye
Adrianne Palicki
Actor Adrianne Palicki
Status Dead
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Occupation Unknown
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Relations Alfred ( Formerly Friends With Benefits)
First Seen Issue 13
Last Seen Issue 18
Death Shot in head by John
Other Information
 Carly Jaye is a character in Beyond The Dead


Nothing much is known before the apocalyspe.


Carley is seen chatting with Scarlett in Issue 13. She is later on greeted by Alfred, who then earns her heart by making her laugh. She is as well apart of the rebellion. She has slept with Alfred througout the issues at least twice.

In Issue 18, she takes part in the assualt. She is later shot in the head by John, because she threatend to kill Greta. She calls her a "bitch" because she is upset about Alfred not wanting a relationship anymore.

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