Carolina Mclemore is a character to appear in Beyond The Dead

Carolina Mclemore
Actor Sandra Bullock
Status Alive
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Occupation Unknown
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Relations Joey Mclemore (Husband)

Titus Mclemore (Son) Angelica Mclemore (Niece)

First Seen Issue 6
Other Information


She is happily married to Joey Mclemore. She also enjoyed her time to cook.


She welcomes the new guest by cooking them a home cooked meal. Caroline isn;'t very aware of what had been happening. She quickly learns, once Joe is shot. Becaus eof this she becomes paranoid about death.

Caroline looses her self and is forced to be picked up by Titus and taken to the house, because of her husband, Joey's death. Caroline is 50/50 with the assualt, and she prepares a home cooked meal, and hopes of them returning.

Caroline is very happy, most of them came back but still sad. She is mostly concerned about her son Titus and Lionell's fate. She then kisses Titus on the cheek, and gives him a hug.

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