Charlotte Harris
First seen
Last seen
"Into the Dark" (Alive) "Teeth" (Corpse)
Early 40s
Bitten by infected, mercy killed by Amelia
Georgia, USA
Ava (Niece)

Lorna (Sister)

Mickey (brother-in-law)
Portrayed by
Charlotte Harris is a supporting character in Surviving, Not Living.


New York, New YorkEdit

Before the apocalypse, Charlotte was a reality star and appeared in Teen Big Brother. After this, she began to become famous and co-presented The Voice, later appearing in The Girlfriends of New York. 


When the apocalypse struck, Charlotte grouped up with her sister and brother-in-law.

20 Years LaterEdit

Charlotte is the only known survivor of her original group, she lives at the Douglas Family Farm with her sister's daughter, Ava. She and Doug go out on regular excursions to hunt animals. On one excursion, the pair came across Amelia, Bobby and Sarah. Eventually, Charlotte managed to convince Doug to let them lead the three back to the farm. She tells Jack Douglas, the farm owner, that she think the three seem like good people, leading them to be accepted into their small community.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Numerous counts of infected.

Death Edit

When the school that the group were staying at was overrun by infected, Charlotte was attacked. Multiple infected pulled her down to the floor and partially devoured her stomach area. The group managed to get the infected away from her but it was too late. After some hesitation, Amelia shot Charlotte in the head to stop her from reanimating.



Charlotte is a loving and caring person who is not afraid to bash a couple of heads together.


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