Charlotte Lewis
Actor Maggie Grace
Status Deceased
Age Unspecified; early 20's
Gender Female
Occupation Lawyer
Relations Unknown
First Seen Episode 1: The Beginning
Last Seen Episode 6: The Revelation (Alive)

Episode 9: One of Us (Corpse)

Death Bit by walker.
Other Information

"How could they do this?! They told us it was safe here! Where will we go now?"

Charlotte to Daniel.

Charlotte Lewis is one of the main characters in The End.


Charlotte was a lawyer. She was seen working on divorce papers, most likely her own.


She was first seen aiming a gun at Daniel. She shot one of the dead behind him. But before he could run away, Mac knocked him out. They are later seen trying to get Daniel to stay with them, and end up offering to walk him some of the way back to his hometown in Macon. In a flashback, it is revealed that Xander and Mac saved her from a horde of walkers. When Xander arrives, her and Mac are pissed with him, because he is causing too much noise. She seems to be annoyed with him, but she thinks that he is a good man. She later tells Daniel that they will be leaving within the week. When the base gets overrun. she and Mac help save the rest of them. She and the group head to a gas station, and stay the night. They later leave and go to a church, where a priest tells them that they can stay. After the church burns down, her and Daniel have a moment, but unfortunatly, it's cut short, and she dies at the hands of a walker.

She is seen in Season 2, as a corpse. Her corpse is later eaten by Danny, who is forced to by the bandits.


  • Her current weapon is a rifle (unknown type).
  • She mentions that she used to be a lawyer.

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