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Danny Douglas
Last seen
Mid 20s
Georgia, USA
Jack (father, deceased)
Portrayed by
"We couldn’t help him with our limited supply of medecines and he just fell into this coma-like sleep... Please, can you save him?"
—Danny's father, Jack, explaining his situation to Amelia.[src]
 Daniel "Danny" Douglas is a character in Surviving, Not Living


Southern GeorgiaEdit

Danny was born and raised on The Douglas Family Farm as a single child to Jack Douglas and Marie Douglas. He is very strong so was told to do all the heavy-lifting farm work.


During the early stages of the apocalypse, before his father took in Charlotte, Ava, Doug, Vicky, Anthony and Jackie, a herd passed through the farm. It attacked the main house and, unfortunately, Marie was eaten alive. After standing their ground and staying in their house, the herd passed three days later and they were free to exit. Over the course of twenty years, the father and son took in the six listed above and cared for them. However, at an unknown time, Danny fell ill with tuberculosis. As the group did not have the right medecines, he fell into a coma-like state.

20 Years LaterEdit

After being rescued by Charlotte and Doug, Amelia and Sarah began to work on getting Danny back up to full health and out of his state. During this time, he began to fit and repeatedly muttered one word, 'poison.'

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Numerous counts of infected.



Not much of Danny's personality has been shown due to his illness but is it said that he is a handsome, funny, young man.


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