Actor Robert Sheehan
Status Dead
Age 20
Gender Male
Occupation Unemployed
Ethnicity Irish
First Seen Episode 3: Three's Company
Last Seen N/A
Death N/A
Other Information

“Not only do you talk a lot, but you’ve got a great sense of humour”

Darren to Xander.

Darren is a character in The End.


Darren was always a troubled person, to the point where he was different from everyone else, not in a bad way... according to him. His dad was Sam's dad too, but their dad had left Sam. His father was possibly abusive. He stayed with Darren and his mother until his death. Darren flew to America with the body, to meet Sam and have a funeral for him there. But when the body is lost, Darren reacts in an awkward way, ending up in community service. When the body is found, they go to see it. But it is reanimated, to which Darren is forced to kill him. They eventually come across Peter and Joe.


Darren is seen saving the group. He seems to be on the immature side, but tries to make the group feel better, by telling them things will get back to normal. He goes with them to the church, in which he tries to convince the group that the priest is a pedophile. He is attacked by a walker, but saved by Meghan.

In season 2, he is paralysed by a spider. He met a girl from the bandit group who threw them on him, making the rest of the group think he was dead. He wakes up in a coffin. Eventually the rest of the group dig him up, in which he pretends he is dead, but frightens them when he gets up. He then learns that everyone is infected. Darren takes on a much more serious role in the group when Elle is close to death, by giving her blood. Elle doesn't make it, which affects Darren. He learns that Sam has a brain tumor, but he tries not to worry about it.

In Season 3, Darren reveals that he does not know why he does what he does. He goes crazy and accidentally kills a guard on a roof. He and Sam run and are almost killed by walkers in Alice's house. They make it to the basement of her house after finding Peter, Daryl and Meghan. The only way out is through an electronic door, but the power is out. There's a generator upstairs, and Sam says he'll get it, but he'll die because there are walkers there. Darren reveals that he is bit, and offers to go, but they decide to go together. He kisses Meghan and runs out, him and his brother dying.


  • He is the comic character.
  • He is like Xander, as he believes the apocalypse will end too.
  • He is the first character to be from another country other than America.

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