Dee Wilkins is a character in Beyond The Dead 

Dee Wilkins
Nerlens Noel
Actor Julian Collins
Status Alive
Age 22
Gender Male
Occupation College Student
Ethnicity African-American
First Seen Issue 1
Last Seen Issue 18
Death Shot in head by Kilo
Other Information

" That’s why we kill them first before they can kill more innocents."

- Dee reguarding Kilo's group


Nothing much is known, besides he was a college student at Vanderbilt University. 


He is usually seen with Paxtan Irvin . He is also past of the bus group. He helps Walter and Paxtan scavage multiple gas station. He along with Paxtan beleive the mansion is paradise. In Issue 9, he helps Lionell and Titus save Angelica, after fighting multiple bandits. This is also the first time he has killed somebody.

Dee is mostly seen around the mansion either drinking or helping out. He is still mostly seen with Paxtan. Dee is with the group assault at the Central High School. This is the last time we see Dee, because of his death.

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