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Dakota Dessy Raye
Actor Lisa Ramos
Status Alive
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Occupation College Student
Ethnicity Hispanic
Relations Lionell Irvin ( Formerly Boyfriend)
First Seen Issue 1
Last Seen Issue 12
Other Information
 Dakota Dessy Raye is a character in Beyond The Dead

" I just don’t like it, but you can call me it. She leaves a smile on her face."

- Dessy reguarding her middle name to Lionell


She was a college student, and went to university of Vanderbilt. During prom, she had a boy friend named Brad at the time who wanted to get in her pants. Lionell stopped him; It is unknown how he stopped Anthony.


She was so scared, there was people rioting all across her street. Some old guy kept banging on her door, so she had no choice to go throughout the back way, Luckily Lexi was there to pick me up. She joins the bus crew. On the way to Ft.Campbell she thanks Lionell by giving him a kiss on the cheek and hugs.

In issue 10, Lionell and Dessi get together and form a relationship. She also reveals to Lionell her real name is Dakota.

In Issue 12, Dessi reveals her and Lexi will be going to Maryland to see if their family is there, but in order to do that she leaves Lionell.

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