Drew Cunningham
Actor John Legend
Status Male
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Occupation Unknown
Ethnicity Hispanic, African-American
Relations Kilo Cunningham (Brother)
First Seen Issue 10
Other Information
 Drew Cunningham is a character in Beyond The Dead


Drew and Kilo were brothers. It is known Kilo was the older one, and was jelous of Drew because of him getting more attention.


In Issue 10, he is seen along with Kilo and Colin. Drew comfronts the two men, and hopes to solve the business in a more classy manner. They quickly denie him, and head on to there ways. Drew had enough and formed a group of people for a rebellion.

He takes a few guys with him to the mansion, and is forced to jump the fance. He is releived to find out Lionell will go with them. At the High School Assault Drew plays a very important roll. He helps lead with Lionell. This eventually leads to him shooting Kilo in his fore head. He is sadden by the way Kilo had to die, but knew it had to be done.

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