Duane was a character who briefly appeared in Apocalypse Life.


Duane is Ree's boyfriend. She has not seen him since a week before the day of the apocalypse. He was one of the many military members who were called into action before the world ended.

Urban ReconEdit

Duane reaches Ree and the apartment group via his voice on the radio. Regardless of the bad connection, he managed to tell Ree and them that he was going to wait in a particular bus stop, the one where he and Maureen planned the rescue operation out beforehand. He also tells her that there are only six vacant seats for survivors.

He later stumbles upon Julius Petero and Patrick Alfonso, saving them from an impending walker threat. With their help, they manage to find Ree and Evee. Duane then takes them to the extraction point, where he succeeded in only rescuing Evee and Ree.


Not much is revealed about Duane, though it is known that he willingly discharged himself from the military to aid survivors.


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Maureen MastersonEdit

Duane's girlfriend. It is shown in Maureen that she is very dependent on him, as much as she has made herself independent among her own group.


One of Duane's closest friends.


  • Duane's appearance is heavily inspired by actor Derek Luke.
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