Season 1, Episode 3
Air date April 15, 2012
Written by Johno1995
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"Next, or: How I Learned to Start Worrying and Love the Back-Up Plan"
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"Cutthroat Jugulators and Crying Little People"

Cacophony is the third episode of Eden Rising. A dangerous secret binds Sidney even closer to Kate but may pull her and Tom apart as he wonders if he should prepare young Darla for the worst; Gwen learns of the danger she may be in while Kelvin decides to further bond with Ash.

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Guest starring


  • Robert
  • Numerous unnamed Glenley citizens


  • The title comes from the word "cacophony", meaning "a harsh, discordant mixture of sounds". This can relate to many things in the script - the gun training the characters went through at the farm, and the ending with The General's invasion of Glenley, in particular.
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