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This page introduces the characters in the hypothetical television series Eden Rising.

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Spoilers lie ahead, so proceed with caution.





Bolio FamilyEdit

AshERportal BenERportal
Ash Ben Bolio

Glenley, KentuckyEdit

TomERportal DarlaERportal DeclanERportal KelvinERportal
Tom Snyder Darla Snyder Declan O'Day Kelvin Rivera
SidneyERportal KateERportal TriggerERportal JavierERportal
Sidney Strauss Kate Kirby Trigger Javier Rivera
BeckyERportal RobertERportal AnnieERportal
Becky Fitzherbert Robert Annie Snyder

New VeniceEdit

GwenERportal KittyERportal XanderERportal LoriERportal
Gwen Hayes Kitty Stiles Xander Drake Lori Kitka
ChristopherERportal JoeyERportal
Christopher Joey Kitka

Ohio State FairgroundsEdit

ManilaERportal PjERportal2 GarethERportal GeneralERportal
Manila Shea PJ Shamp Gareth The General

Bonnie & ClydeEdit

BonnieERportal ClydeERportal
Bonnie Clyde

Il AlichinoEdit

LeighERportal WeissERportal MrwhiteERportal
Leigh Vega Ronald Weiss Mr. White

Tulsa International AirportEdit

RoryERportal PhoebeERportal MalERportal StillmanERportal
Rory Stiles Phoebe Denning Mal Stillman
RegisERportal MichaelERportal GriggsERportal
Regis Michael Griggs

Last Chance SocietyEdit

BenedictERportal IvyERportal SmithERportal WardenERportal
Benedict Ivy John Smith Father Warden
MaudeERportal LibbyERportal BrayERportal
Maude Libby Bray


VictorERportal IkeERportal AntonERportal SimonERportal
Victor Vanbrooke Ike Anton Olko Simon Boyle
SeverineERportal BlairERportal BryceERportal MattERportal
Séverine Bangalter Blair Easton Bryce Easton Matt
DBPERportal LucyERportal ChandraERportal EdERportal
Dr. Banana Pancakes Lucy Chandra MacPherson Ed MacPherson
EddieERportal SebastianERportal ZoeERportal
Eddie Sebastian Zoe

The Serpent's IslandEdit

TamsinERportal SerpentERportal SantiagoERportal ERportalbighead
Tamsin Pillsbury The Serpent Santiago Otto
FiniusERportal PiperERportal NoelERportal
Finius Goldberg Piper Harlow Noel

United NationsEdit

AliciaERportal WolfERportal PapadakisERportal AstrangeERportal
Alicia Kinsey Wolf Angelo Marilyn Papadakis Emily Astrange
DasariERportal EmikoERportal DuncanERportal
Vijay Dasari Emiko Kochi Kilian Duncan

Nico's FarmEdit

DwightERportal WinnieERportal MaiaERportal OliverERportal
Dwight Brash Winnie Reil Maia DiGregorio Oliver Kim
RozERportal NicoERportal HiroERportal
Roz Mulheron Nico Francesci Hiro Kim


LeblancaERportal DesdemonaERportal2 GioERportal2 NewtERportal
Lucas LeBlanca Desdemona Braun Gio Durant Newt
QuinlanERportal Tateerportal ElijahERportal
Quinlan Gallagher Tate Valdez Elijah
TanyaERportal RubyERportal
Tanya Durant Ruby Durant


KellyERportal AmirERportal UgisERportal
Kelly Amir Ugis


Jiyeon Heung


PrincessERportal ElektraERportal DawnERportal GillianERportal
Princess Elektra Floros Dawn Brash Gillian Shamp
RosalieERportal JessieERportal
Rosalie Jessie

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