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London, England


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Gio Durant (mentor)



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Xavien Russell

Eden Rising

I don't trust this new white boy, Wolf. Gio's taken a liking to him but I just--I can't. I look at him and I see the enemy. I look at him and I see those purple-and-gold gits that killed my parents. I trust you though, so... I need your help in turning us back on track. The Rippers ain't the same no more without you, man. Gio's losing his way.

Elijah, expressing concerns of Lucas to Wolf, 'Tis Pity She's a Dead Whore

Elijah is a recurring character in Eden Rising. An intelligent, caring boy, Elijah is a loyal member of The Rippers, acting as a caretaker for the younger boys the gang takes in. For Elijah, Gio is a father figure, and he is desperate to win his approval.

Despite his age, Elijah is one of Gio's best drug dealers, thanks to his charismatic personality and ability to sweet talk. He dreams of moving up the ranks and becoming Gio's number two, especially in the wake of Wolf Angelo's leave. Elijah's loyalty to Gio is tested as he becomes vocally untrustworthy of Lucas LeBlanca's sudden entrance into the gang.


Elijah is a former academic who found himself suckered into the street life of The Rippers after being orphaned and being forced to take care of himself at the age of twelve. He is among the youngest drug dealers on the streets, but he isn't easily fooled and he is rather scrappy and quite capable of defending himself, so he happens to have fantastic street rep. Elijah is respected as not only a dealer, but as a man, and takes great pride in himself as this level of reverance was earned through years of hardships.

As part of his softer side, Elijah also takes responsibility for numerous younger kids in the projects, housing them in one of the gang's former stash houses, packing their lunches, encouraging to go to school, and helping them with their homework.


Elijah was once a good student, but after his parents were gunned down by The Barons during a robbery, he became orphaned and had to seek refuge from Gio and his gang, The Rippers, to make end's meet.

Elijah is vocally against the entrance of a former member of The Barons, Lucas LeBlanca, to The Rippers.


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