Ellis Wayne
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Personal Information
Portrayed by Zoë Tapper
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Age 25
Occupation Doctor
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Relations Al Halib (lover)
First Seen 101, Pilot
Last Seen 616, The Fall of Rogersville
Death 616, The Fall of Rogersville
Origin Waynesburg, Pennsylvania
Created by Kaffe4200

Ellis Wayne is a character in Hope On The Rocks.



Almost nothing is known about Ellis from before the outbreak. She lived near Miles Vance and worked as a doctor.


Ellis was in Texas' bar when the outbreak began. Chad, Miles, Odin and Lia's family also joined the small group, and kept safe at the bar. After a few days, they found Al, who went off to find a refugee camp. They eventually found Rogersville, and brought Ellis and the others with them to the town.

At Rogersville Refugee Camp, Ellis and Al hooked up. As Chad was kicked out of the town, Al and Ellis stayed.
As Rogersville got overrun with zombies, Ellis got bit and eventually died from the infection. She turned, and was put down by Timmy.

Killed VictimsEdit

Ellis has not killed anybody.


Killed byEdit

At one point, while Rogersville was overrun, Ellis was bit and eventually turned. She was put down by Timmy.

Centric IssuesEdit




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