Esther Tricker
Sprague grayden
Personal Information
Portrayed by Sprague Grayden
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Age 34
Occupation Homeless
Ethnicity Scottish
Relations Ridley Johnson (boyfriend)
Joe Brown (foster father)
Eiline Brown (foster mother)
First Seen 202, Follow The Leader
Last Seen 607, Nothing Left to Save
Death 606, Forever
Origin Aberdeen, Scotland
Created by Kaffe4200

Esther Tricker is a character in Hope On The Rocks.


Aberdeen, ScotlandEdit

Ether was abused by her foster father when she was little. The day she turned 18 she left, and soon became homeless. A generous man offered her a job where she would clean planes, and she gladly accepted.
One day she met Ridley Johnson, and the two hooked up. At one point, Ridley proposed to Esther, but she said no. They stayed together, and went on a vacation to America.


While on vacation, the outbreak began. Ridley and Esther locked themselves in an office building where they were found by Chad, Odin, Miles and Al. Together, they went to find a refugee camp, but instead found Rogersville. Along with the others from Chad's group, they decided to stay in Rogersville.

When Chad was kicked out of Rogersville, Ridley and Esther went with him. They found Doug Tallie's farm where Nick was accidentally shot. When Lia then shot Doug's son in rage, they were kicked off the farm.

They then found Bobby Lunar's Trailer Park, where Lia, Esther and Kerri were captured and held as sex slaves. In an intense was between the survivors and the Trailer Park, Esther was killed by Junior.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Numerous counts of zombies.


Killed byEdit

Esther was used as hostage by Junior, and eventually shot.

Centric IssuesEdit

Hope On The RocksEdit

Before The OutbreakEdit


  • Esther had a total of 2 centric issues, and appeared in 18 issues.
    • She also appeared in 2 issues of Before The Outbreak, and had 1 centric issue.
  • Esther has met all of the main characters, except Garrett, Timmy, Holly and Daniel.


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