Fabian Blue
Tahj Mowery
Actor Tahj Mowery
Status Alive
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Occupation Professional Piano Player
Ethnicity African-American, Caucasian-American
Relations Prince Bliss (Best-Friend)
First Seen Issue 1
Other Information
 Fabian Blue is a character in Beyond The Dead


Fabian grew up with Prince, and always had a love for music. At one point in time, he begin playing the piano, and got gigs at many places. Adele found him, and he was asked to play piano at an award show of hers. 

Fabian and DeWayne as well shared an apartment together.


Fabian is the most cautious of everyone. He doesn't like the disease and tries to convince Wright, and DeWayne that it is terrible and it should be taken more seriously. At the airport, Fabian helped Prince get disguise by bringing Okaley sun glasses, a scarf, and a Kansas City Royals snapback hat.

Fabian enjoys the trip in Kansas until being occused of killing Carlo's wife Lalli. Fabian is eventually saved by Prince, who just lost his girl friend Kendall.

Months LaterEdit

It is revealed both Pricne and Fabian were forced to become lone bandits. Prince hints to Fabian about being part of a community, but Fabian has mixed emotions.

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