Present DayEdit

All of the children ran up the stairs quickly. "Lock the door and put everything you can against it!" Carol ordered them.

Eugene loaded his pistol. "No. Go upstairs." Carol told him.

"We can all get through this." Eugene said.

"No! If you stay down here, you'll do what every other son of a bitch has done! You think just because you're male that it's your job to sacrifice yourself! We are going to make it through this. And I'm gonna make sure of that. Now get upstairs." she scolded him. Eugene could see how serious she was and went upstairs.

Carol tied her bandana around her head. She took her two largest kitchen knives and twirled them in her hands as the walkers began to beat against the door.

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Andrea and Michonne continued to move from building to building, searching for Lilly and Clementine. "Maybe they got out." Andrea said.

Michonne sighed. "They weren't in the tower. There's really no way to look for them."

"We can't give up on them."

"They may be safe. The others are the ones who are really in danger. We need to go back."

"Are you suggesting that we just leave them? A little girl?"

"You know, I once heard a story about a little girl that went missing. It didn't have a happy ending." Michonne said darkly. Andrea slapped her. Michonne did nothing.

"Don't do this. You've opened up to everybody. You went out of your way to save Tyreese. What happened?"

"Nothin'. I'm trying to save everybody else!"

"Oh, so now we're doing "the needs of the many over the needs of the few"?!"

Michonne burst into tears. Andrea was confused, then worried. Could Michonne finally have come unhinged? she thought.

"Go back!" Michonne blurted out.

"What is wrong with you?"

"I thought you died in Woodbury! I don't want that to become a reality. Go back to Alexandria. I'll find them."


"I said go!" she hissed with her sword pointed at Andrea. Andrea felt hurt as she backed up and finally turned back.

Rick, Carl, Abraham, and Holly were huddled together, slaying walkers. Heath was dragging an unconscious Tyreese to Denise's house.

"Carl, we've got to go!" Rick said.

"No! We've got to keep them away!" Carl told him.

"It's lost, Carl!"

"'Don't care. If Alexandria goes, then I do, too." Carl promised. Rick hit Carl in te back of his head with his Colt Python and knocked him out.

"Cover me!" Rick ordered Abraham as he picked Carl up.

7 months earlierEdit

Kenny, Chuck, and Molly were cornered by the herd. "Here!" Molly shouted as she pointed towards an alley. A walker grabbed Chuck's ankle while they were running and tripped him.

"Help!" he shouted. Molly kept going while Kenny ran back to help him. He picked Chuck's shovel up and drove it into the walker's head. The herd had caught up with them and Kenny held the walkers off as Chuck began to run towards Molly.

Present DayEdit

The walkers had finally broken through the door and Carol charged with thoughts of her gruesome past flashing through her head.

"No. I'll do it." she said before grabbing the picaxe and plunging it into Ed's skull.

Carol sliced through the first walker's head with ease.

Sophia emerged from the barn. She shambled towards Rick as Carol ran towards her. "Sophia!" she moaned as Daryl grabbed her. Rick raised his Colt Python and shot her.

She killed two more walkers. "That's for Sophia!" she screamed.

7 months earlierEdit

"Kenny! Come on!" Molly shouted.

"Go!" he shouted back as he continued to plow through the herd.

Present DayEdit

Carol ran through the giant herd, screaming for help. Daryl rode his motorcycle to her and she jumped on just as the walkers started to catch up.

Carol kicked a walker in the face, knocking it into another an causing both to fall on the floor

Carol and T-Dog ran down the corridors of the prison. "Go!" T-Dog shouted as he rammed straight into two walkers. He held them there while Carol escaped. She turned to see them devouring him.

"This is for T-Dog!" she screamed as she stomped both walkers' heads in and slicing through another in front of her.

The Governor threw Daryl on the ground in front of the prison. "Daryl!" Carol shouted. The Givernor swung down and decaptitated him.

"This is for Daryl!" Carol screamed before pushing one down and plunging her knife into another's head. She started pushing, kicking, and killing until they had gotten back outside the door.

Abraham lined the pistol up with Hershel's head. BLAM

Carol poured alcohol all over the destroyed doorway. "Now get the hell out." she said before lighting a match and setting the entrance on fire.

Molly opened the door and got back in the car. "What are you doing?!" Erin asked hysterically.

"Get in." she replied.

Erin grabbed her by her shoulders and dragged her out of the car. "What are you-" Erin punched Molly in the face before she could even finish talking.

"No-more-screwing-around!" she said as she repeatedly beat her. Molly grabbed her throat and threw her off. They continued to fight as walkers started moving towards them.

"Mo-Molly!" Erin spurted out as Molly choked her.

"Yeah, I see them."


"Oh, you're done now? Then get up and quit moping!" Molly said before pulling her up. They both got at each others backs. Molly took out her icepick and Erin took out her two daggers. The walkers began to close in around them. "Told you to get in the damn car." Molly scolded her before they started hacking away at their enemies.

The Hilltop Colony arrived at the outskirts of the city to see the herd marching towards Alexandria. They all got out of the cars and off of their horses. They each pulled out weapons and lined up. Jesus stood front and center next to Beth. "Where's your weapon?" Beth asked.

He simply laughed. "I just need these gloves." he said with a smile. Beth took an arrow out of her quiver and aimed at the closet walker she saw.

"Now?" Beth asked.

"Everybody ready? Alright, let's do this." Jesus said nonchalantly before charging into the herd with the Hilltop Colony at his back. Beth fired her arrow and quickly pulled out another, getting faster and faster with each shot. Beth looked behind her to see a few people and children still on top of their horses and firing arrows as well.

Andrea continued to go from building to building, making her way back to Alexandria when she saw Omid and Rosita quickly running past the walkers, gunning down any that got to close. "Where the hell is she?" Rosita questioned.

"I think she's in there." Omid said while pointing to a small hardware store. They both opened the door and ran in to see Crista on floor, squirming and grunting. "Crista!" Omid exclaimed as he ran to her.

"'s coming." she said.

"Oh God..." Rosita said darkly.

Crista's eyes grew wide. "Watch out!" she screamed as a walker nearly bit Rosita's neck before a bullet went through its head. Andrea stood behind her.

"You guys okay?" she asked as she shut the door and locked it.

"Crista's having the baby." Rosita told her.

"Dammit." Andrea said. "I'll go get Denise." she said.

"I don't...think we have time for all that." Crista told her.

"It's worth a try." Andrea said before going out quickly.

Carol stood in front of the burning doorway with a look of horror and realization. Her adrenaline had worn off. "Oh god, what the hell have I done? I'm so stupid!" she shouted as walkers continued to come through the flames and break through the windows. She ran upstairs and started beating on the door. "Eugene! Get on the roof, all of you! Jump to the other houses and get the hell out of here!" she ordered him before turning around with her knives once more.

Abraham and Holly ran through the herd, trying to get to safety. They started beating on several houses but no one would let them in. The walkers began to surround them. "Keep fighting till the end, right" Holly asked rhetorically.

"Of coarse." he replied before they both raised their weapons, ready to take as many walkers down with them as they could. A car ran straight into the herd. "Go!" Erin shouted. Erin and Molly crawled out of the window on top of the car. Abraham and Holly both jumped up there with them as the herd surrounded them. "What now?" Holly asked.

Molly jumped towards the house, caught the roof with her icepick, and pulled herself up. "Up here." she said.

"I can't get up there." Holly said. Abraham picked her up and threw her to Molly. Molly grabbed her arm and pulled her up. Abraham tried to pick up Erin but she wouldn't let him.

"Fine. At least let me help you." he said before getting down on one knee. She stepped on his palm. "One, two, three." he said before he helped her catapult to Molly's extended arm.

"What about you?" Holly asked.

Abraham pulled his machine gun off of his back and began firing at the walkers surrounding the car. He jumped down on the corpses and walked toward the house. He took his bat and swung at the door with all his strength and uttered a roar. Tobin was lying on the couch. Bruce, Chase, and Kelly all got up, shocked that he was there. "You're all assholes. Good luck with the herd." he said coolly before going upstairs.

Rick, Carl, Heath, Denise, Jessie, Ron, and Tyreese all stood in the infirmiry, watching the chaos unfold. "We have to help!" Carl said.

"No. The first chance we get, we are out of here." Rick said.

"What about the others?" Jessie asked.

"Jessie, you have a son. Would you really risk his life for all of these others?" Rick asked.

"Carol..." Tyreese said in horror as he saw the herd continuing to pile into the burning house. He walked back to the armory without anyone else noticing.

"I'm not leaving them." Carl said.

"We can't help them! If they're smart, they'll follow us out-"

Tyreese opened the door and pulled out his hammer. He walke towards the herd with extreme hatred.

7 months earlierEdit

Lee looked down on the ground to see a meat clever laying amongst broken glass. He picked it up and looked at the Marsh House, and then at the herd standing in his way. "Out of the frying pan."

Present DayEdit

"Into the fire." Tyreese said to himself before marching into the herd, hammer-first.

7 months earlierEdit

Lee sliced through the first walker with ease. They barely noticed he was there as he sliced through them, one by one.

Present DayEdit

Tyreese's mind had left him. He plowed through the herd without any thought passing through him other than: Save Carol.

7 months earlierEdit

Lee's mind had left him. He plowed through the herd without any thought passing through him other than: Save Clementine.

Present DayEdit

Tyreese finally made it to the burning doorway. He roared as he tackled the burning walkers to the ground. "Tyreese!" Carol exclaimed as she helped him up.

"Get out." he told her as his she tried to put the fire out on his pants.

"We don't leave people behind!" she said as she began to cry. Tyreese had dropped the hammer. He pulled a grenade out of his pocket.

"Go." he said.

Carol kissed him on the forehead. "Goodbye, Tyreese." she said before turning to run upstairs. "Eugene! Get this shit out of the doorway!" she shouted.

He opened the door. "There's no way to get them out! There's just the window and they could fall." Eugene told her.

"The house is on fire! Think of something!"

Eugene just stood there. "I-I'm sorry."

Carol grabbed a shotgun and threw it to him. "What are we doing?" he asked. She picked up another one for herself. She fired at the ceiling. "Keep shooting until there's a hole. And do it quickly!" she ordered him as they continued to fire off rounds.

Tyreese had moved to the kitchen and put the fire on his clothes out with the sink water. He had already shut the door behind him and sat against it. "Come on. Hurry up." he said as he looked at the grenade in his hand. He pulled it and held it tight.

7 months earlierEdit

Lee had finally made it inside the Marsh House. He walked down the hallways, quietly. He saw a door that was cracked. He opened it to see a man sitting in a chair.

"You're here." he said.

Present DayEdit

Abraham and his group had stood on top of the house, watching and waiting for Tyreese to come out of the buning house with their friends. "They're okay, right?" Holly asked.

"Help!" Eugene shouted from atop the house. Abraham, Holly, Molly, and Erin hopped from house to house, making their way to him.

"Catch her." Eugene said as he tossed a little girl to them. "Where are Carol and Tyreese?" Erin asked.

"What are you talking about, she's right he-" Eugene had turned to see that she had disappeared.

Carol had picked up the shotgun and walked back downstairs. The house was now smoldering. "Why is it everything always ends with fire?" she asked herself before firing at the walkers who were beating on the kitchen door.

"What the hell? Get out of here!" Tyreese shouted.

She tried to open the door but it was locked. "Tyreese, open up!" she shouted. Tyreese reluctantly twisted the lock. His hands were very sweaty so he had to move it as slowly as possible. Carol had already turned and began firing at the herd again. The walkers were all trying to get in the burning house now.

"It's unlocked!" Tyreese shouted. She turned and ran in. "What the hell are you doing here?!" he questioned.

"I'm not letting you stay here." she assured him. She opened the wine cabinet and began taking all of them out. She broke them against the walls and poured it all over the room.

Eugene had finally tossed the last child. Abraham caught him and pulled him up. "Alright, come on now." Abraham said.

"No. I'm going back in for Carol." Eugene said.

"Eugene, there's now way she-"

"I don't care! I'm not just going to leave them behind." he told them. "Now get out of here."

Reluctantly, they obeyed and began to make their way across the tops of the houses.

Eugene began to shout into the hole. "Carol! Tyreese!" He heard nothing but moans and saw nothing but flames. He went over to the side of the house and began to climb down.

"You've to get out of here." Tyreese said.

"Too bad. If you go down, I go down. And that goes for anyone else in the group."

Tyreese had decide what to do. They could see the fire beginning to seeth through the door. "Fine." he said. "Open the window." She opened the back window and began climbing out. He ran and pushed her out.

Tyreese shut the window behind her. "Tyreese!" she shouted as he turned and threw the grenade just as the walkers burst through the door. Eugene grabbed her and dragged her away. "Tyreese!" she shouted as they saw him run at the herd before the flames spread and engulfed him.

"Get down!" Eugene shouted as they ran away.


7 months earlierEdit

Lee remained calm. "Why?" he asked simply, while forceful.

"I don't know, Mr. Everett. Why did you kill those children? Why did you kill my family?" He stared him down hard. "You look horrible.

"I'm not the one kidnapping children. Now what the hell are you talking about?!"

"One night, a few months ago, you found a car full of supplies. And you took all of it."

Lee realized what was going on. "How did you know?"

"You left your walkie-talkie." he said as he held it out. "I got back and I could hear you all speaking on the other side. "This is Mark, everybody. He's got lots of supplies for all of us to share." That's what you said, right? You lied to all of them."

"We were starving. We had kids with us."

"And now look at you. Your group is dead you'll be gone with them in a short time."

Lee sat down in the chair across from him. "We might as well wait it out, then. Like you said, my group is dead. Your going to kill me and I have nothing else to do. So, let's talk you kidnapping son of a bitch." Lee remained completely nonchalant the entire time.

"I had two kids, Lee. My own. Then I had another that I had taken under my wing. Her name was Jamie. Her entire family died when it all started. She watched her mother and brother get torn apart right in front of her. She rode a helicopter into the refugee center in Atlanta. That's where I found her. We saw Atlanta fall apart right before our eyes. They were bombing the streets, killing everyone they saw, only to have more of those things come right back at them. So we left the city, barely escaping those monsters. We were on the road for a while. We had lots of food and supplies that we had gotten from Atlanta. One day, I took my son Adam to help me search for a place to stay. I-I stopped watching him for two seconds and...he was gone. I got back and the others came with me to look for him. Tess would never forgive me for that. Then we got back...and all of our things had been taken. My wife took the kids and left me. I followed them for three days and..." he began to cry, "They didn't make it." Lee felt sympathy for him.

"I'm sorry."

"I wasn't through yet. My wife, Tess, she was torn up so mic she didn't even come back. But my daughter," he stood up with rage in his eyes, "my sweet, five-year-old Elizabeth, came running at me like an animal! And then I ended it. I didn't even see Jamie. There's no way she made out there by herself, and there's no doubt she suffered just as much if not more. Because of you."

Clementine peeked her head out of the door behind the kidnapper. She grabbed an empty, glass bottle off of the table. "Now, let's get down to business." he said as he pulled out a pistol and pointed it at Lee. "Goodbye, Lee Everett, may God have mercy on your soul-" Clementine hit him over the head and fell over. He jumped and ran towards Lee.

They both rolled over each other on the floor, punching and kicking each other. Lee got on top of him and grabbed his throat. Lee watched as the man's life faded from his eyes. But he would not give him the satisfaction of remorse.

Clementine ran to Lee and hugged him. "Are you okay?" he asked.

"I'm fine!" She gasped. "Lee, what happened to your arm?"

Lee didn't know what to tell her. He was interrupted when a walker came through the door. Lee stood up to attack but the walker ignored him. He stood there in front of him but all it did was look around the room. When it saw Clementine, it charged. Lee tackled it to the floor. Clementine took the stranger's pistol and shot it. "Why didn't it attack you?" she asked.

"It must've been all this." he said pointing at the blood and guys covering his clothes. He realized what they needed to do. "Clem, you're not gonna like this, but...I'm gonna have to put this stuff on you, too."

"What? No! That's gross!"

"Clem, it's the only way we can get out of here alive. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of those things out there."

"Okay. Fine. Just hurry."

Lee proceeded to chop the dead walker to pieces with his meat clever.

Present DayEdit

Crista continued to grunt. "It's going to be okay, honey. They'll be back soon." Omid tried to comfort her.

"No! No...she has to do it..." Crista said as she looked at Rosita.

"Me? No, Crista, I'm not..."

"You're...the best we-have!" she told her in between grunts.

"Please." Omid pleaded. Rosita just stood there, traumatized.

Beth and the Hilltop Colony had all huddled together in a giant pack as the herd surrounded them. "There's too many!" one man shouted.

Jesus knew he was right. "I'm sorry, everyone." he said as the walkers all began to close in on them.

Beth was angry. "What are you?!" she shouted at all of them. "You are survivors! And we will make it through this! Now come on!" she shouted to all of them as she threw her bow to ground, took out Maggie's machete in her right hand, and held her last arrow in her left hand. She rushed into the herd, machete-first with Jesus right behind her. The Hilltop Colony began to fight back.

Rick had already chopped a walker into bits inside of Denise's house. "Come on, Carl." he said.

"No. We're not leaving them all behind." he said as Jessie and Ron began to cover themselves with the guts.

Douglas was standing next to his son, Spencer as he looked in horror outside. "I'm sorry, Regina. I told you I could keep this place safe..." he said as tears rolled down his eyes. Douglas picked up a pistol and walked outside.

"Dad!" Spencer called out but he was too late. Douglas had already gone straight into the herd with nothing but a pistol.

"Come at me!" he shouted as fired away.

Lilly and Clementine were making their way across the outskirts of Washington, still covered in blood and guts. The herd still surrounded them as they spoke. "We're almost there, Clementine." she said.

"What about the others?" she asked.

Lilly tried to contain herself from crying.

Lilly ran out of the prison doors, screaming as the ragged, crazed man chased her. Glenn tackled him and began beating him. Abraham shot him.

"I'm sure they'll be fine." she lied. They began to hear thunder cracking.

7 months earlierEdit

Lee and Clementine slowly walked through the herd. He began to get dizzy, but Clementine just thought he was shambling on purpose. She gasped and stopped abruptly. "Clem...what is it?" Lee said as he turned. Lee looked in horror to see Clementine's undead parents. "Clementine...don't...look..." Lee collapsed.

"Lee!" Clementine screeched as she held into his hand.

Present DayEdit

Rick, Jessie, Ron, and Carl had all gone outside of the house. "Mommy, I'm scared." Ron said. Some I the herd was still preoccupied with the fire and others were making their way towards Doiglas as he fired off rounds.

"It's okay, honey." She consoled him. Rick turned to see that urine was running down Ron's leg. The walkers began to notice something was different.

"Mommy, they're looking at me!" he panicked.

A walker finally attacked. "Ron!" Jessie screamed as she grabbed Carl's arm. The walkers began devouring both her an her son.

"Dad, she won't let go." Carl said.

"Don't leave us!" she screamed.

Rick had finally been pushed beyond his breaking point. "I'm so sorry." he said before slicing Jessie's hand off with his machete. Carl looked at his dad, horrified.

"Look what you did?! You just let everyone die-" a gunshot went through Carl's right eye.

Rick dropped on the ground and held Carl. "No! No!" he shouted as the herd began to enclose on them. "I'm so sorry. Carl!" Rick shouted as a walker reached its head in to bite his neck just when Andrea appeared. She sliced through it with her hatchet.

"Oh my god..." she said when she saw Carl. But she knew that it wasn't the time for it. "Pull yourself together, Rick! Get him to Denise, now!" she order him as she hacked away. Rick picked Carl up, still crying.

7 months earlierEdit

Clementine dragged Lee through the herd, towards an old store.

Present DayEdit

Rick ran back with Andrea covering him.

Heath opened the door to see him holding Carl. "Please!" Heath grabbed him and laid him on the bed.

"Oh my god, what happened?!" she asked as she ran to him.

"Please, just save him!" Rick pleaded.

Rain began to pur down on them. The fire had burnt out and Douglas was dead. The entire herd began to move towards Andrea as she stood against Denise's door. Rick ran outside to help her.

The herd started looking at Lilly and Clementine. "Just keep going." Lilly told her. A walker bent down, ready to it Clementine's arm but Lilly knocked it down and stomped its head in with a viscous "No!"

A walker bit into Lilly's neck and she screamed. "Lilly!" Clementine shouted. Lilly picked her up and began to run. Lilly saw a large group of people fighting the herd and ran straight into them before tripping. Beth ran to them.

"Lilly!" she shouted. Lilly started killing walkers with her rifle.

"Get her out of here!" Lilly ordered Beth.

A walker tackled Beth to the ground while Clementine was trying to get Lilly. "We're not leaving you behind!" she told her.

Beth wrestled the walker. It got close to her neck and she screamed as it nearly bit her. A bat hit it over the head and Beth looked up to see Negan.

Clementine and Lilly were now separated from everyone else again. There were at each other's backs, firing at walkers.

"Get on my back!" Lilly ordered her. She could already feel the infection spreading. Clementine hopped onto her back quickly. She shambled almost as slowly as the walkers did while Clementine fired them. "Just keep them away." Lilly told her.

"You're bitten." Clementine said as she began to cry.

"Don't think about that...just-just keep shooting."

7 months earlierEdit

Lee woke up to see that he was in an old store. "Lee! You're awake!" Clementine exclaimed.

"Hey, Clem..." he whispered. Lee looked around to see a dead police officer with a gun and handcuffs. "Clem...get those handcuffs..."

Clementine pulled the handcuffs off of the body and brought them to him. "What do you want them for?" she asked.

"Clementine...I-I was bit." he said sadly. Clementine began to cry.

"What? No, Lee! You can't be bit! My parents, you were right, they're dead. I can't lose you, too!" she cried.

"'s gonna be okay. You'll be okay."

Present DayEdit

"Alright, Crista, push!" Rosita guided Crista. She screamed and heaved as she pushed. Omid sat next to her, holding her hand tightly.

"Push!" Rosita continued.

Lilly finally tripped and Clementine rolled away from her. Walkers attacked both of them. Clementine killed the ones surrounding her with her pistol. Lilly held them off of her with every limb she had. She screamed as they got closer and closer to her.

"Lilly!" Clementine shouted.

"Get out of here!" Lilly shouted back. Clementine began firing at the walkers on top of her. The herd came at them both from all sides and Clementine fell down. A walker knelt to the ground, ready to devour Clementine when a sword went through its head. Michonne had arrived, slashing through the herd with ease. Michonne and Clementine pulled Lilly up.

"Go!" Michonne shouted.

"What about you?" Lilly asked weakly.

"I got this." she replied cooly.

"How do we get out?" Clementine asked.

Lilly turned to Michonne. "Tell Uncle Abe I'm sorry." she said before picking up Clementine and sprinting as fast she could, walkers scratching her with every step she took.

7 months earlierEdit

Clementine had put the handcuffs on Lee. "What now?" she asked sadly, while still crying.

Lee began to cry, too. "I'll miss you, Clementine." he told her.

Clementine hugged him one last time. She pulled off of him and pointed the gun at his head. ", I can't put you through that. Go, Clementine. I'll be fine." he lied.

Present DayEdit

"I can see it, Crista! Keep pushing!" Rosita said happily.

"So much blood..." Omid said, worried.

Lilly finally made to the edge of the herd and the rain had stopped. She slowed down and ran another one hundred feet. She finally collapsed. "Lilly!" Clementine exclaimed as she sat at her side.

"Go, Clementine. And don't you dare look back." she said.

"What about the others?"

"There's no way they made it. Go, Clementine. Keep going until you find a safe place."

7 months earlierEdit

Clementine opene the back door and looked back at Lee one last time. He blinked twice and fell over.

Present DayEdit

Lilly watched as Clementine walked towards the rainbow in the distance. "Be safe, Clementine." she said before finally laying to rest.

Rosita lifted the baby. "She's beautiful." Rosita said as she tried to hand it to Crista. But Crista wouldn't respond.

"Crista? Crista!" Omid shouted. Crista remaine motionless.

"Take the baby." Rosita said. Omid took her while Rosita picked up her rifle.

"What are you doing?!" Omid shouted hysterically.

"Don't look." she said. Rosita put the gun to Crista's head.

"No! No!" Omid shouted as the baby cried.


Beth, the Hilltop Colony, and the Saviors pushed their way through the herd and towards Alexandria. "It's really close, keep pushing!" Beth shouted.

Negan had a look of satisfaction as he was being lead straight to a new community. Jesus could see the smirk on his face. "Not again..." he whispered under his breath before tackling Negan to the ground and beating him.

"What the hell are you doing?! Get up!" Beth shouted.

Rick and Andrea continued to keep walkers away from Denise's door. "We can't keep going like this." Andrea said.

"You can go inside if you want." Rick said darkly.

Inside, Denise was sweating greatly as she worked on Carl. "Do you need any help?" Heath asked.

Exasperated, she simply told him, "Just get out there and keep those things out of here!"

Heath grabbed a saw and walked outside to help Rick and Andrea.

Abraham, Holly, Erin, Molly, and the kids watched from the rooftops as Rick, Heath, and Andrea kept going at their suicide mission. "We have to help them." Erin said.

"You kids stay up here." Abraham said as he jumped down with Molly, Erin, and Holly behind him. "Come at me, you undead shitheads!" Abraham roared before the four of them ran into the herd.

Carol, Eugene, Chase, Kelly, and Gabriel stood inside the church, watching their friends fight through the windows. "We have to help them." Carol said.

Chase blocked the doorway. "No way. We barely made it in here because of that asshole, Abraham." he said.

Eugene punched him and knocked him to the floor. "You're the one who left him for dead." he said cooly.

"Don't touch him!" Kelly shouted.

"Stop fighting! We're safest in here." Gabriel said.

Carol opened the door and walked outside without another word. She immediately started slicing through walkers with her knives. "Dammit." Kelly said as her and Chase followed her with machetes in hand.

"Here." Chase said as he shoved an extra one in Eugene's hands.

"Come on, Gabriel." Eugene said.

"I can't." he responded stubbornly.

"Just grab one of these things in here and come on!" Eugene shouted.

Gabriel reluctantly grabbed a large, metal cross and followed Eugene outside.

The whole group was outside, fighting the herd. Rick, Andrea, and Heath were huddled by Denise's house. Abraham, Holly, Erin, and Molly were in a circle right in the center of the street. Carol, Chase, Kelly, Eugene, and Gabriel made their way up the street to the others.

Beth had finally reached the gates outside. "We're almost done! Keep going!" she shouted. Negan and Jesus continued to brawl. Negan would swing his bat at him while Jesus would grab a walker and throw it right back at him.

Rick looked around to see the herd quickly being decimated. He smiled for the first time in weeks.

In a few minutes, they had destroyed the herd. The Alexandrians had all come out of their houses. Heath opened the gate to let Beth in. Beth and Erin ran to each other and embraced. Rick went back inside to see Denise sitting down. "I did it." she said, extremely tired.

Rick began to cry before he hugged her. "Thank you so much."

The Hilltop Colony poured inside. Many were rejoicing. Andrea looked around. "Where's Michonne?" she asked.

Abraham scanned the crowd. "Where's Lilly?" he asked.

Andrea put her hand over her mouth as she saw Rosita walking with a baby in her hands. Omid stood next her, crying.

7 months earlierEdit

Crista and Omid had finally made it back to the train to see Molly and Chuck waiting for them. They all ran to each other, rejoicing. Then Crista looked around to see that Clementine was nowhere in sight.

Present DayEdit

Clementine walked towards a train track. She felt a tap on her back and turned quickly to see an African American man standing behind her. "Hey, you okay?" he asked.

7 months earlierEdit

Clementine walked across the countryside with her head down. She sat down under a tree and picked up the bullets she saw laying on the ground. She looked up to see four silhouettes walking across the fields in the distance.

Present DayEdit

"Are you?" she asked.

"As good as you'd expect. What's your name?"


"Morgan." he said as he shook her hand.

Rick walked outside to address the people. "We won." he said happily. "I think we all learned today: The dead are a manageable threat. They're not a problem anymore."

The Saviors were all gathered outside the gates. Negan stood in front of Jesus as he knelt on the ground. Negan nodded his head and the man standing behind Jesus pulled out his knife, put it against Jesus' throat, and sliced.

"We can rebuild. We'll never have to worry about the dead again. Our only fear should be put in ourselves. We are something to fear. We are the only danger. The dead will be gone in time, but the living will always be here. We will always Fight the Living."

Negan looked inside the gates at Rick. He smiled menacingly.


Three walkers continued to persue Michonne as she limped towards the White House. She turned and sliced through one with a grunt. The other two both came at her at once. "I'm sorry, Andrea." she said as she weakly swung at one. The last one tackled her to the ground. Michonne screamed as it inched towards her neck while she held it off.

Then, suddenly, a ferocious roar was heard and a tiger knocked the walker to the ground and tore it apart. Michonne looked up to see an African American man with long, grey hair looking down at her.

(End Credits)


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