Giovanni De Leeuw
Wesley Sneijder
Actor Wesley Sneijder
Status Alive
Age 29
Gender Male
Occupation Pro Soccer Player
Ethnicity Dutch
First Seen Issue 28
Other Information
 Giovanni De Leeuw is a character in Beyond The Dead


     Giovanni was a lover of football he began to football when he was six, his mother knew he would be a really good soccer player once and he did. Other then that, Giovanni liked to write, draw, and read.

     Originally Giovanni wanted to become a wrestler but he did soccer instead for unknown reasons. He worked alongside; Robin van Persie and many other soccer players. Before that all happened he was just a normal school student just like many other kids, he also likes some rappers like; Eminem.


Soon to come...


Giovanni De Leeuw was created by TheWalkingDeadFan156

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