Gregory Ames
First seen
Last seen
Mid 50s
Portrayed by
Michael Madsen

Gregory Ames is a character in Say Goodbye to America: Scatter


Nothing is known about Gregory's life before the outbreak


At some point, Gregory became the leader of his group

Scatter Season 1Edit


Gregory is first seen around Lake Crabtree with Rick and Cosmo Murphy.  After standing around breathing in the air, he tells the pair to join him on a trip to the Target nearby to scavenge for supplies.  He is later seen after Brooks shoots Judy in the chest coming out of the woods and greeting Leo's group, before making his people scan the area and take supplies.  Before leaving with Judy's BMW and supplies, he takes Niklas captive before bidding the group farwell


Gregory is seen in a tent with Brooks, Nils and Niklas, who is bound to a rope in the pole.  Gregory explains that Niklas's hands will burn like a dick twister, before explaining what he means, and asks what the boy knows.  When Niklas spits in Brooks face, Gregory gives the okay to slice the former's face up a bit as well before leaving.  He shows up later after sending in Izabel as bait to torture Niklas some more.  After Niklas does not respond, Gregory tells Izabel to give Niklas a dick twister.  After Niklas tells Gregory what he knows, Gregory gives the boy some melatonin to help him sleep the night.  


Gregory appears after Alex slaps Niklas repeatedly and tells him to scout the area with Reid and Maxwell.  Gregory later appears after the deaths of Reid and Jason and sends his group to follow Leo and kill him.  He takes Rick, Gavin and Colin and finds that Leo has returned to the Target, before heading back to his camp


Gregory enters Niklas's tent to find the prisoner on the ground in pain.  He yells at Nils, Brooks and Izabel about the torture he has indured and tells them they went too far.  He exits the tent and is found by Rick Murphy, who talks to him about the group set up for the attack later that day.  While they walk through the woods, he explains how they will use the attack on the Target as a way to get Niklas to talk.  Before the attack begins, he tells Lottie to shoot and kill Eric Dugan, before starting the Massacre at the Target and falling back at heavy losses.


Gregory returns with Lottie, Rick, Brooks and Lewis and is met by Liam and Alex explaining Stefan's death and Niklas's disappearance. Gregory is seen drinking whiskey in his RV and writes several names on a piece of paper marked death. Anthony knocks on his door and takes him to the fighting ring, where Sean Moreland is in the center after allowing Niklas to go free. Gregory allows Avi to fight Sean, and is horrified when the latter wins. Angry, Gregory sends Sean out of his camp with just a knife before the former kills him. He sends Liam, Alex and Callum to investigate the Target once more. He is later seen with Virginia in his RV, where the two attempt to fool around, but Gregory stops her because he is too upset to continue

Season 2 Edit

"The Same Asylum as Before" Edit

Gregory brings a large group with him to the same mall as the group from Apex. After breaking in, he takes Kenneth, Nils and Margot into the jewelry store where Bentley and Matt are scavenging. He shoots Bentley in the back, but Matt escapes when Kenneth fails to kill him. He later takes all but Brooks, Izabel and Nils with him to investigate Timothy West's screams

"Wet Ribbon" Edit

Gregory takes the rest of the 'B' Squad to investigate the yells where he holds Todd, Phillip, Fish and Timothy West at gunpoint. After Fish stabs Lulu in the stomach, Gregory orders Spencer to shoot and kill someone before ordering Phillip to slide over their supplies to Gregory's group. As the group runs off, they exchange gunfire with Aaron, Garrett, Nathan and Dimitri, losing Miles in the process

Killed VictimsEdit


Season 1 Edit

  • Help
  • Fears
  • Gone
  • Pain
  • Death

Season 2 Edit

  • The Same Asylum as Before
  • Wet Ribbon


  • Gregory is the first major antagonist of Scatter

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