Hamill Burrough is a minor character in Apocalypse Life.


Known as the son of a billionaire, Hamill grew up with expectations to uphold. As being the ideal son, Hamill learned to make a living for himself without his father's money.

His father would start ruining his own life when he undergoes a mid-life crisis, affecting him and his mother negatively, who hoped to file a divorce. As such, he sought to find a place for himself, occasionally visiting his father to salvage what's left of their relationship.

He soon became attracted to Laura, his father's lover. His father's growing distance with her would bring Hamill all the more closer. Soon, they would have a secret relationship, carrying over into the incoming apocalypse.


With Laura turning into a prisoner of the mansion, Hamill did what he could to take her away. He was aided by Richard Trombotta, or Rick for short, as he himself noticed his boss's descent to madness. Together, they worked around his father, and his two faithful bodyguards, Vincent "Vinnie" Adalberto, and the less-known Valez.

He would encounter a breakthrough a few days into the apocalypse, securing a yacht for them to go to sea. But he was soon interrupted by Valez, who had suspicions about him from the beginning. As such, he was brought back to the mansion, his plans very close to being foiled.

Things would turn around very soon, however, as Vinnie intervenes and shoots Valez down. He has finally come to his senses, and aids Hamill and Laura in having a more proper exit. Together, they decided to travel the seas, hoping to visit a few places in mind, including Louisiana and Canada.


Hamill is known to be very handsome, being a younger version of his father. But he has made sure he's made better choices than him.

He is very faithful to Laura, and will do anything to save her.


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His relationship with Laura would bloom when her father grew sick of her. They proved to be much more compatible, as Laura was much closer to his age. As well, Hamill looked a bit like her father, easing her in sooner.

Harold BurroughEdit

Though Hamill is known to be very similar to his father in terms of appearance, Hamill despises him from what he's become. He has long wanted to distance himself from him.


  • Hamill has a much bigger role in the spin-off, The Estate.
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