Harrison Wilde
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NYC, New York
Zach (boyfriend, deceased)
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 Harrison Wilde is a main character in Carley and Drop Dead Gorgeous.


Before the apocalypse, Harrison was a university student who lived with his parents. At some point, he got into a relationship with Zachary.



Harrison is first seen consoling his boyfriend, Zachary, after he killed his own undead father, which in turn saves Carley's life. He then introduces himself to Carley and Britney hits on him, which he appreciates. He is then seen gathering supplies from the gas station and sitting in the back of the van with Zach. Harrison is the first one to awake from his sleep in the back of the van. He goes to open the blinds but realises that there is a herd chasing after them. He then watches as Zach awakes and takes the wheel from Carley, causing an argument. He is then saved by Louise, Gord and Doug, hystericaly crying as Zach is eaten by walkers. The issue begins with Harrison screaming at Gord, Louise and Doug, blaming them for Zach's death, before sitting down with Britney and crying again. Harrison is the one who set the barn alight, by creating several sparks using two rocks. Harrison did nothing but watch as Louise killed herself and later shouting at Carley, telling her to think of a way out of the burning fire. Harrison jumps from the building onto a horse and, after much persuasion, so does Britney. They then speed off on Gord's horse but it panics and bucks the two off. He is last seen in Carley carrying a semi-unconscious Britney away from the burning fire.

Drop Dead GorgeousEdit


Harrison is a sweet, compassionate and caring boy who will do anything to protect the ones he loves.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Numerous counts of walkers.


  • His last name is Wilde as revealed in Issue 3 of Carley.

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