This is Issue 71, entitled "For Old Friendship".

This issue is Doug-centric.

609, For Old Friendship

“Mr. Tallie, isn’t it?” Junior says in a cocky tone.
I knew this man from before the outbreak. He was a truck driver, and he used to bring me fertilizer every monday. Seems like the good old days.
“It’s weird how much people can change, isn’t it?” I say, unarmed. Junior has his gun aimed at me.
“Oh, indeed. I never thought I’d run a community.” Juniors says with a grin. It doesn’t suit him. “I guess you never thought this would be how you’d die.”
I nod, crossing my arms.
“You’re right. I never thought I’d be killed by a friend.” I say, looking disapointed at Junior. He was a good man before the outbreak. I used to play cards with him, drink beers with him. I used to respect this man.
“Friend.” Junior says, his grin fading. “Please. All I did was bringing you your crap.”
I don’t say anything. He knows what I am talking about. I know he does.

“Why don’t you just kill me like you killed Peter and Ridley?” I ask, not even sure if Ridley even is dead. It seems like it, though.
“Don’t forget pretty there.” Junior says, pointing the gun at Ridley’s girlfriend. Esther, I think.
“Why, Graham? Why am I still alive?” I ask, not removing my eyes from him.
Junior’s grin fades. His pistol is still aimed at me.
“You’re unarmed. It wouldn’t be fair, would it?” He says. I know that’s not the reason, though. Ridley and Peter weren’t armed neither.
I pick up my pistol from the ground, aware of the fact he might shoot me at any point. I raise the gun, and then unload it, saving the one bullet in the chamber. Just in case.
I then shove it down my pants.
Junior makes a dry laugh, shaking his head.
“You haven’t changed, have you Douglas?” He says, still shaking his head.
“I am not going to kill you, Graham.” I say, crossing my arms once again.
Junior lowers his gun. I knew he would do that. I know him well enough, even if he has changed this much.
“Go then. Leave.” Junior says. He is biting his lip in a way that makes him look like someone who is in pain.

I don’t move. I want to know what happened to my wife. And I want to know why.
“Can I ask you something?” I say, tilting my head.
Junior looks wondering at me, probably not understanding why I’m not walking away.
“Are you serious? I just gave you an op...” Junior begins. I interrupt him.

“Did you have anything to do with my wife?” I simply ask.
I now see Ridley moving. He is either still alive or turning into a zombie. Either way I don’t have much time.
Junior opens his mouth as to speak, but nothing comes out.
“Did you have anything to do with my wife?” I repeat.
This time Junior answers.
“Yeah, man... Listen, I’m sorry about what happened. It wasn’t...” And that is Junior’s last words. I take up the gun, one bullet in the chamber, and I shoot him in the chest, killing him instantly.
Before I get to check on Ridley, I load my pistol. Just in case he has turned.
Kneeling down, I see that he is in fact alive. His eyes are flackering and he is trying to speak.
“Let’s go.” I mutter, helping the man up. We then leave through a small gap in the fence.



Hope On The Rocks - Arc 6
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