Jarvis Odom
Hosea Chanchez
Actor Hosea Chanchez
Status Dead
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Occupation Soldier
Ethnicity African-American
Relations Teague Hart (Best Friend)
First Seen Issue 14
Last Seen Issue 18
Death Shot in chest with a bullet.
Other Information
 Jarvis Odom is a character in Beyond The Dead


Jarvis was a soldier along with Teague and Rod


Jarvis and Teague came a long along Central High School. The two are first seen as guards, talking about the rebellion.

In Issue 18, Jarvis takes fight in that assualt. He plays a big part, in killing a lot of the enemys. He sacrifices him self in order to get the others closer to the entrance of the doors. He is then shot in the chest, and gives Teague his dog tags.

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