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Jesus Velez



The musician










Paloma Avila (Close friend)




Array of military weapons (Assumed)


Eleazar Gómez

First Seen

"Shrouded Shadow"

Last Seen

"Blades of Glory"


Hacked to pieces by El Kanguro's machete, severed head put down by an unknown safe zone inhabitant.

Time On Story

Issue 27 - Issue 38

Appears In

8 issues

A Long Road to Fortune

Jesus Velez is a minor character in Part 1 of A Long Road to Fortune.

General InformationEdit

Jesus grew up in el Cerrito, often sheltered by his mother and father. He grew up with no siblings so he'd spent the majority of his life wishing for a brother. Jesus' parents were very protective of him and thus did not let him partake in many activities, fearing he might get hurt or act out. For this, he became a momma's boy up to his teens. Jesus managed to be fairly popular in school and the town and soon found himself a passion for playing the guitar.

Jesus still lived with his parents in el Cerrito for the remainder of his adult life but he contributed to his family's expenses by doing gigs for local parties and bars.


Jesus found himself amidst a riot and was separated from his parents as they attempted to get relocated to a supposed safe zone. To avoid getting into contact with bandits or looters, Jesus hid and ran from anybody he saw. His passive hostility allowed him to survive on his own for a while until a woman, Paloma, saved his from a grosero attack. Eventually the pair settled in the town's armory.


Jesus is a very nice and caring guy. Having spent most of the apocalypse sheltered, Jesus is naive to most of the apocalypse's horrors and the changes people have undergone. For this, he is often protected by Paloma, who sees him as a sort of younger brother.


Killed VictimsEdit

  • Assumed numerous counts of infected.


Chapter Two appearances
ABBA Wind of Change Hell Frontier Demon Company Away With the Wind
In Deep Addiction Home Shrouded Shadow My Desire Reflection Undead Academics
We Breathe, We Live, We Try A Toast to the Past A Toast to the Future Color This Black Heart Rue Let The Smiles Last
Chapter Three appearances
Tenexpa Blades of Glory The Children of Tomorrow Gone We Are, The Two Of Us Agonize Like Me Ember Falls
Precipice  ???  ???  ???  ???  ???
 ???  ???  ???  ???  ???  ???


  • Jesus was not named after Paul Monroe of TWD fame and furthermore his name is pronounced heh-zoos.
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