John Clain
Actor Bruce Willis
Status Unknown
Age 34
Gender Male
Occupation Ex-Cop
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
First Seen Issue 13
Last Seen Issue 18
Other Information
 John Clain is a character in Beyond The Dead

Pre-Apocalyspe Edit

     Growing up John had 2 loving parents. His favorite movie series was the Die Hard movies. He always got into trouble when he was a kid and was spoiled. But when his parents were died in a terrorist bombing that quickly changed. He was sent to an orphanage at the age of 14.

     He quickly grew a cold and mean attitude. When he was sent away from the orphanage at age 18 he trained for the military. He went into duty for 2 years. After that he became a cop. He stopped the same terrorist organization that killed his parents. He married a woman named Anne Louise and they had a daughter and she was named Sasha. He was fired and sent to jail when he drunkenly killed a man.

     After that everyone he knew started to shun him and he began to live as a recluse. He was brought back into the world at the age of 30 when terrorists Kidnapped his daughter and threatened to kill her. They murdered his ex-wife and killed most of John's ex friends. That's when he snaped and murdered every terrorist in the organization. He raised his daughter and started to become more intergrated into society. That's when the apocalypse struck and his daughter was eaten on day 1. He decided that it was his fate to kill each and every last zombie since then.

Post ApocalyspeEdit

When the apocalyspe started, his daughter was eaten on day one, causing him to know his fate to kill each and every last zombie since then. John met a man named Mark. The two then found a school named Central High School. They were recruited by Kilo to go to the mansion along with Colin. In Issue 18, John kills Carly by shooting her in the head. John then leaves, and says his famous quote "Yippe Ki Yay Mother Fuckers"

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Numerous Amounts of Biters
  • Numerous Amounts ofterrotist in an organization
  • Carly Jaye (Alive)


  • John Clain was created by Lee Everett
  • John Clain is based off of John McClane from the movie Die Hard
  • To find out John's fate, read Lee Everett's Fear The Living

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