Julius Petero is a main character in Apocalypse Life. The story mostly revolves around his point of view.


Julius was a sophomore in a college, his major unspecified. He lived alone in a small apartment, funded by his one and only job. Julius worked for Henry Materhorn, his boss and acting godfather, in his antique store, where he is assigned to do just about everything. Julius was hired thanks to his and his parents' good relationship with Henry.

He lived an average, if not lackluster life for the most part, until the outbreak struck his city. He denied it not only through mindset; he volunteered to distribute medicine in thoughts of finding this to be just another "viral scare".

The OutbreakEdit


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CC LibraryEdit

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Oakwood HeightsEdit

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A New BeginningEdit

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The BlockadeEdit

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Noisette StreetEdit

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A Month into the LifeEdit

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Julius' growing solitary life has shaped his preference for company; he prefers to be alone, interacting only with the people closest to him. Yet to accomplish something noteworthy in his life, Julius has drifted into a purgatory of his choices. With his knack for learning, and his humble temperament, he takes on this new world with hope.


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Margaret PeteroEdit

Julius's older sister. Close as siblings, Julius holds high respect for her. It was her that persuaded him to act in times of the coming events.

Henry MaterhornEdit

Julius's boss and unofficial godfather. He has a high regard for him, calling him "uncle" on a regular basis. He treats him as his second father just as Henry treats him as his second son.


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Nina MladenovicEdit

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  • Julius is partly inspired by Glenn from the TV series version of the The Walking Dead. As well, his relationship with Alice is highly similar to that of Glenn and Maggie.
  • Julius is also draws some inspiration from Jim, the main character of the film 28 Days Later. They both have some similarities:
    • Julius was unprepared for the apocalypse, but instead of being completely oblivious, Julius was in denial.
    • They both wield bats as weapons, with Julius's being metallic.
    • Both go to their parents' house during the aftermath of the apocalypse, only to find out that their parents are dead.
  • Julius is a few months younger than Alice.
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