Kelsey Madden
Ariana Grande
Actor Ariana Grande
Status Alive
Age 21
Gender Female
Occupation Model

Part time Starbucks Employee

Ethnicity Caucasian-American
First Seen Unknown
Last Seen Issue 37
Other Information
 Kelsey Madden is a character in Beyond The Dead


Growing up Kelsey lived in a nice enviremetal and stable home. Her friends and her, would have sleep overs and stay up late at night, taking pictures of them selves. Kelsey found her love for modeling, and received a offership to be a model for Kelcey.

Kelsey moved out of her parents after she recieved a job to be a Victoria Secret Model. Kelsey didn't use her money wisely, but did live her life to the richest. Kelsey wentt as far to Spending almmost all of her money on her own clothes.

After becomming bankrupt she had too take a side job of being a coffee maker at Star Bucks. She then sold her exspensive home and lived in a nice surburban apartment where she owned a dog named Cuddles. 


When the apocalyspe started, Kelsey was only at work. Before, she seen the news and heard about what had been going on. Kelsey tried to help a man that was a biter, until he tried to bite her. Kelsey had no choice but to stab the man with her heels, ending his suffering.

Kelsey quickly became fund of Nick. The two begun to be seen with each other all the time. Until he time came at the mall trip, being the second one to be killer, causing Nick to get depressed and angry.


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